Video: Spotlight On AmericanMuscle Equipped New Edge Mustang

The New Edge Mustang first debuted in 1999, and it’s at an interesting point in its life now in 2021. It sits where the late ’80s and early ’90s Fox-body Mustangs sat just a few years ago — getting up there in age, but still manageably street-able, and not too high in mileage or price (overall — we know there are exceptions to the rule). It’s also at the age, though, that you don’t really expect to see as many single owner examples. But that’s exactly what we found through our friends at AmericanMuscle recently, during one of their Customer Spotlight videos (hint: you can find links to all modifications by clicking this link!)

The Screaming Yellow 2004 Mustang pictured here was bought new by Bradley Heinz of Mississippi 17 years ago. Our friends at AmericanMuscle told us that this Mustang was among the top voted on AM’s customer builds feed, so host Justin Dugan video called Heinz recently, for a virtual walk-around of the Mustang.

With 120,000 miles on the dial, the garage-kept New Edge features original paint and honestly doesn’t show its age at all. Heinz bought Euro style headlights before custom modifying them with changing-color halos. He also chose a Cobra R-inspired chin spoiler, as well as a diffuser, side splitters, and Raxiom LED taillights and third brake light. The Mustang rolls on Rovos black chrome wheels that match its black chrome “Mustang” back bumper inserts. MGP caliper covers, painted mirror and quarter window covers, and rear window louvers were also installed.

Under the hood, Heinz chose an SR Performance cold air intake as well as a larger throttlebody from BBK, and MSD performance coil packs. A Bama iTSX tuner was chosen for tuning capabilities.

Inside, Heinz has done a lot of work to freshen up the Mustang’s interior. He used a plethora of Modern Billet products to give it a facelift, including a shifter handle, bezel, emergency brake cover, and much more. Seats from TMI were also installed with fresh carpet.

“I didn’t want to buy a new car. There’s no reason to buy a new car,” Heinz explained. “So I just changed out everything that I got bored with.”

Heinz says the next step for his beloved Ford is an exhaust system. What do you think of this Screaming Yellow New Edge? What would you modify next? Let us know in the comments below!

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