Video: BIRDDOC’s Grabber Blue Shelby GT500 Breaks Six-Speed Record

Driving a car that’s capable of legitimate eight-second elapsed times on the dragstrip is no joke – at those speeds and G-forces, everything comes up real quick, including the finish line. That’s why you’ll see many cars in the timezone and quicker rocking automatic transmissions – both for consistency, and ease of use for the driver.

Mark “BIRDDOC” Duber isn’t one of those guys. BIRDDOC has a badass 2013 Grabber Blue Shelby GT500 that just turned in the six-speed manual-transmission-equipped Shelby world record at the recent NMRA race held at Maryland International Raceway, clicking off an unreal 8.80 elapsed time at 164.23 MPH – banging gears the whole way. Now before you say “Pro Stockers go more than two second quicker”, there are a number of things you should take into account.

First and foremost, NHRA Pro Stock machines use five-speed Liberty transmissions that are purpose-built for racing, including inline shifters – there is no H-pattern to negotiate. Secondly, they also have the use of a clutch that’s been designed to perform at those levels.

Duber’s machine, on the other hand, is still a street car. It relies on a Bischoff Engine Service-built 5.8L engine that’s been topped off with a 4.2L Kenne Bell Twin-Screw supercharger, tuning from Jon Lund of Lund Racing, a SPEC clutch, support from Van Collier of Revan Racing, and E85 fuel to achieve the insane elapsed times. The tuning is done at London Chassis Dyno in Duber’s home state of Kentucky.

In this awesome video, we get to see Duber rowing the gears – not powershifting – to run the number and blast the six-speed Shelby world record into smithereens at the GT500/Terminator Shootout.

There’s in-car and on-car video to enjoy – so check out the sights and sounds of an eight-second blast while rowing the gears. Watch as he rows the gears while controlling the steering wheel with one hand, demonstrating just how difficult it is to keep a car of this caliber under control on the track.

Congratulations, Mark! 

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