Video: How The Moroso Oil Accumulator Protects Your Engine

An oil accumulator is basically a pressurized tank that allows you to pump engine oil into your engine prior to starting the engine. This is so that the powerplant receives pressurized lubrication to its vital moving parts before components inside, such as parts of the valvetrain (lifters, springs, camshaft, etcetera) and rotating assembly (pistons, piston rods, and crankshaft) start churning about without proper lubrication.

Moroso Oil Accumulator-3These oil accumulator systems are extremely important in cars used in motorsports applications such as drag racing, road racing, or drifting. This importance is not only vital prior to engine start-ups, but can be especially useful during operation. Pressurized lubrication inside the engine can dramatically change when a drag race car launches off the starting line and continue changing as G-force loads change while its tearing down the strip. In road racing and drifting events, the violent side to side movements of the race car as it works its way through corners on the course can also create substantial shifts in pressurized lubrication to one side or the other inside the working engine.

However, not all oil accumulators are the same. Some, especially the oil accumulators designed and manufactured by Moroso, work better than others, and for a very good reason. The demonstration and point-by-point narration in the video above from Moroso Performance Products explains in exacting detail how the Moroso Oil Accumulator system works in each of these situations. If your looking for an oil accumulator for your car, regardless of the type of motorsports you are involved in, this video is worth watching for the full, detailed education you will gain in just why the Moroso Oil Accumulator system should be at the top of your list.

Moroso Oil Accumulator-2

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