Video: ProCharger i-1 Equipped 2013 Mustang GT On The Dyno

Not long ago, ProCharger unleashed the i-1 supercharger system on the late model performance market. Like no other centrifugal supercharger on the market before it, the i-1’s revolutionary transmission system allows for owners to change their boost level from the driver’s seat.

The i-1 also allows owners to custom program their boost curve, and to bring supercharger boost in faster, and then maintain it to redline, allowing for better performance across the board.

We recently came across a video of Squires Performance and Tuning doing a dyno pull on a 2013 Mustang with an i-1 installed. According to the video description the car would seem to be stock with the exception of BBK 1 7/8-inch long-tube headers, and a BBK off road X-pipe. Both are bolt-on parts typical of the Mustang faithful.

The man behind this dyno pull is none other than Rick Squires, the creator of the remote mount STS turbo systems. Squires sold off that company, and has gotten back into the hands-on performance world. The numbers from the Dynojet break down like this, at just 7 psi of boost, the car in the video is making 611 rwhp, and 577 ft-lbs of torque at the rear wheels. Squires comments in the video that the torque curve is very fat, and that full boost is achieved by 3,000 RPM, with the rear tires seeing 500 ft-lbs of torque at just over 3,000 RPM. In a Coyote engine that is capable even in stock for of screaming all the way up to around 7,000 RPM that is some impressive information, and should translate into excellent acceleration on the street or race track.

ProCharger is currently offering the i-1 for 2011+ Mustangs, so be sure to check them out at the ProCharger web-site, and enjoy this video of that i-1 supercharged Coyote screaming all the way to redline.

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