Video: The Timeless Art of Tire Roasting with the Roush RS3

When people ask, “Really, what do you need 500 horsepower for,” you can point them to this video and they still won’t get it. If you tell them that it’s a way to generate covering smoke during a bank heist, they may look at you a little funny, but they will understand. We’re not entirely sure what that says about them, though.

Now, if you’re a test driver in Detroit and wear out a set of tires doing your duties, what happens at that point likely depends on which car company you’re working for. At the Big Three, you probably need to fill in a requisition for new tires and a work order to have them installed, get a supervisor’s approval and submit it all through your project manager.

Some other places, however, can be a bit less formal and this video from ROUSH Performance demonstrates an end-of-life-cycle option that, apparently, is available. This is not an approved test method for anything, but we do know that The Cat in the Hat himself is not beyond laying down a little smoke from time to time.

The ROUSH Performance RS3 Mustang is a supercharged version of Ford’s pony car, delivering 540 horsepower and 465 ft-;b of torque from Ford’s all-aluminum, 5.0-liter DOHC engine. Additional enhancements in suspension, styling and interior fitment make the RS3 a unique experience that even bank robbers could enjoy.

These guys sure know how to keep pavement in its place!

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