VMP’s Odin Supercharger Kit Helps 2018+ Coyotes Run Wild

While Odin, the Norse god of war, battle ,and victory may be just a myth, the folks at VMP Performance channeled that legend in designing their latest supercharger and ice tank kit for 2018-and-up Mustangs and F-150s.

With collaboration from Magnuson Superchargers, VMP’s new Odin kit features the Eaton TVS 2.65L rotors which provide a rapid, transient response with precise, metered air flow that’s not dependent upon exhaust energy as seen in turbocharging.

With a blower case that’s fed from an oversized inlet on the front, the new Odin supercharger comes with special features such as dual top-mounted intercoolers that provide cool inlet temperatures to provide optimum horsepower. An optional under-the-hood Odin Ice Tank kit maximizes the potential benefits of each intercooler.

Each tank is capable of holding 10 to 15 pounds of ice. Dual inlets, one from each Odin intercooler, enters the ice tank from the top, while the threaded outlets allow users to go with either a standard ¾ or a larger 1-inch outlet line for higher horsepower applications. With a large, easy-fill opening and easy access for draining, this high-flow kit looks just as good as it performs.

A revised belt-drive arrangement comes with a standard 6-rib pulley, which can be upgraded to either an 8 or 10-rib belt for extra power. New billet fuel rails with 1,000cc injectors are used with a fuel pump booster to provide plenty of fuel. The kit also includes a dual-inlet 69mm throttle body.

With the intake, fuel rails, and belt drive removed, the installation of this well-engineered Odin kit is straight-forward, with everything included, along with full tech support. Additional upgrades are also available to push rear-wheel dyno numbers from 700 to 900 horsepower on a stock engine, and well over 1,000 horsepower on modified applications.

Of course, VMP Performance provides much more than just a box of parts with each purchase. With its background in custom tuning and installation, VMP offers a turn-key solution out of its own facility in Florida, or can provide the expertise necessary to make sure that other shops or DIYer’s get the full potential out of each kit. Better yet, a number of dealers are available to help provide sales and service so each buyer can tailor a kit to their wants and needs.

With the Odin supercharger kits now available for Coyote-based latemodel Mustangs and F-150s, VMP’s engineering excellence continues to make a name for itself in terms of well-engineered, reliable supercharging solutions.

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