Watch A Pro-Mod Coyote Engine Roar To 10,000 RPM

A recent quote I read said, “I don’t condone steroid use, however I think we should have a separate class and let’s see what the human body can really do.” In some ways I view engine building in this same light. We all know how much the Coyote engine loves a good dose of boost, and we’ve seen the “max effort” builds take off, but what if we took it up a notch and created an absolutely insane engine. Thankfully Modular Motorsports Racing has the same mentality!


In this video from the MMR headquarters, we see a Coyote-based engine in Pro-Mod form strapped down to the dyno with two massive 94mm Garrett turbos mounted on the front. As the RPMs begin to climb, the turbos start to spool and that’s when the magic begins to happen. The majority of V8’s rarely rev past 9000 rpm, but the dyno operator on this pull took it to 10,000 rpm! When all is said and done, the engine makes over 4,000 horsepower.

Aside from experience, hundreds of hours of R&D, dyno testing, and trackside tuning, how does a company build such a high horsepower performance motor that can run 3-second ⅛-mile times? Well, primarily the use of Billet. Almost the entire spec sheet has billet listed in the description. The block, heads, intake manifold, rods, and more are all billet and provide the strength to handle extreme amounts of boost. This same engine combo in Pro-Mod form has been able to run 3.72-second ⅛-mile time and 5.6-second ¼-mile time. The engine can even run in multiple classes such as Pro Mod, Outlaw 10.5, Renegade, True Ten 5, and X275.

So if you are ready for a YouTube video to push you into the rear of your seat, then press play and get ready. Headphone users beware!

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