Watch A Twin-Turbo Big-Block Ford Engine Break A Dyno

The big-block Ford engine has always been the least used for race builds when compared to its small-block brother. Most would rather utilize a small-block engine in either 8.2 or 9.5 deck configuration as their weapon of choice. There are a few people who decided to push the envelope of the big-block Ford though utilizing some incredible neat parts along the way. The big-block Ford engines are known for making large amounts of torque down low, but can sometimes have disastrous results on the drivetrain or in this case the engine dyno itself.

Steve Morris is well known for building and tuning some large cubic inch engines. This time around Morris was dynoing a 598ci big-block Ford that is equipped with Precision twin 98mm turbos that push air into the Dynamic Engine Development billet intake manifold and cylinder heads. This engine runs on methanol to keep cool, as the block is a solid cast unit meant to handle large amounts of boost without cracking. The engine is also sporting some serious hardware internally with billet rods and externally with a Dailey Engineering oil pan.


While most would assume the big block would take some time to build boost, it actually ramps up quickly, as if it didn’t just push two large frame turbos to 40 psi. Unfortunately, as soon as the power begins to ramp up water begins to spray everywhere. Since this is a cast block with no provisions for water, it wasn’t coming from the engine. The amount of power actually broke off the outlet control valve on the dyno that controls the water in one half of the absorbers. This meant the end of the dyno session. The customer had asked his numbers to remain a secret, but seeing as how it managed to break Steve Morris’ dyno means the engine is obviously making fantastic power. Hopefully, we’ll see this engine beating up the competition on the track soon.

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