Whipple Selected As Supercharger for Ford’s 2021+ F-150 Kit

The F-150 is the melting pot of the truck world. It’s multi-faceted approach to the market allows the end user to customize the truck to their liking. A work truck, tow rig, overlander, or even a high performance vehicle are all options the F-150 offers. These categories can even merge together. While the end use might be different, one thing is common between the tribes: F-150 owners love the option to have more power. While the supercharged truck was on display at SEMA, Ford had yet to fully announce the superchargers name. Ford Performance has now officially revealed Whipple Superchargers as the go-to for its 2021+ F-150 kits.

Whipple’d And Winning

Whipple Superchargers has been making bold moves with its latest units, and the modular motor community has taken notice. Its latest superchargers have been spotted on numerous F-150’s pushing well into the 9-second 1/4-mile time range. While dragstrip performance is not everything, the ability to make more power even attracts the crowd using it to tow campers, machinery, or their racecars.

The new Ford Performance Supercharger kit will come with an intercooler, inlet, hardware and a Whipple supercharger that is backed by a 3-year or 30,000 mile warranty when installed by a Ford Dealership. The Ford Performance supercharger kit will be a different offering than the Whipple supercharger kit for F-150. Ford Performance’s supercharger kit will be CARB-legal for our California cronies still trying to gain horsepower while dealing with governmental crackdowns.

So, what kind of performance gains can you see with this officially licensed product? How does 700 horsepower and 590 lb-ft at only 5000 RPM sound? For a truck that has been on a weight loss diet, these figures sound pretty appetizing. You can now tow your boat without a sluggish uphill trek one weekend and then chase down performance cars at the drag strip the next. Ford and Whipple have yet again hit a home run for their clients.

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