Protecting Your Mustang Indoors and Out With Covercraft

Whether you drive your car every day or just get it out on the weekends, Covercraft has a product that’s well suited to the needs of just about any car owner. In the case of our Project Wild E Coyote, the car spends a lot of time covered up in Editorial Director Mark Gearhart’s garage. While the door stays closed most of the time, the SoCal area is not without its share of dust and dirt. So rather than wash Wild E every time it ventures out of the cave, we decided to go to Covercraft for a Form-Fit cover to keep the car shiny and protected in-between parts installs, occasional trips to the office, dyno tuning, and trips to the track.

Covercraft includes a storage bag with all of their Form-Fit covers, making it easy to store the cover away in your trunk, or garage when you’re driving the car.

Get It Covered

There’s also some added ding protection, if your kid comes in with their bicycle, maybe brushes up against the side of the vehicle, the cover is there to protect it. -Jeff Jegelwicz, Covercraft

So why cover up your new car? Dust is the primary reason. “If you want your vehicle to be nice and clean when you take it out for a drive, or going to a show then you need to cover it up when you’re not driving it,” says Covercraft’s Jeff Jegelwicz.

Dust not only accumulates on the car, even in a well sealed, and closed garage, but particles in the dust can get embedded in the paint, or scratch it. Cleanliness is important to many enthusiasts and many spend hours agonizing over the appearance of their car these days. Being able to simply pull the cover off and instantly go for a drive, rather than spending an hour “touching up” before you head out is another convenient bonus.

With the cover out of the bag and out on Wild E Coyote, we started at the rear of the car and worked toward the front.

According to Jegelwicz there’s also the benefit of some added protection against accidental damage. “There’s also some added ding protection, if your kid comes in with their bicycle, maybe brushes up against the side of the vehicle, the cover is there to protect it.“

Going Custom

Blocking The Sun

Covercraft also sent us a custom UVS100 Sunscreen for Wild E Coyote. These sunscreens provide thermal and UV protection for the inside of the car and fold up to conveniently store away when not in use. These custom sunscreens are a patented design and are all made by hand. Each shade is custom fit using a measuring process just like the Form-Fit car cover. Using a reflective surface, a foam material, and a soft backing, the UVS100 reflects heat and UV to reduce damage to interior components.

Form-Ft covers are made from a patterning process developed by Covercraft. According to Jegelwicz, “To get a pattern each model vehicle is hand measured by someone from our design team, either in Oklahoma, or Los Angeles,” Jegelwicz also noted many new models are measured shortly after their release by manufacturers. “We are continually measuring new model vehicles, specialty vehicles, and developing patterns from those. We try to hit the new models as soon as they are available on a dealership lot,” he says. The dimensions are input into a CAD system, and then a pattern is developed. From there, a test cover is manufactured and test fit to verify a pattern is ready for the market.

The Form-Fit is an indoor only cover. Its material is extremely soft, protecting the paint finish from scratches and even some dinging, or dents. The cover is also made of a breathable material that will let moisture pass through it. This means you don’t have to worry about small amounts of trapped water lurking somewhere and causing problems later.

Jegelwicz says the Form-Fit covers also allow for some showing off. “If you know cars, then you recognize the basic shape–like a Mustang, or Corvette, and so when you see a car with a Form-Fit cover on it, chances are you know what type of car it is before the cover is ever pulled off.”

Left: Elastic bands in the cover's front and rear ensure a snug fit. Right: with the cover rolled out over the car, the rest of the installation is just a matter of stretching it into place.

The Form-Fit cover also provides extremely tight, close fitting coverage, hugging the contours of the car, and tucking in at the front and rear. This gives a cool, sleek look to the car that looks just plain nice when it’s parked in your garage, or at a car show.

Double stitching provides additional strength, while elastic bands in the front and rear ensure the cover stays tight and hugs the form of the vehicle. If theft of the cover is a concern, Covercraft also includes grommets to install a car cover cable as well. The backs of these grommets contain a non-scratching cover to prevent the cable from making contact against the body of the car.

Not only does the cover fit over the car, but it also offers protection for the wheels as well.

Inevitably, dust and dirt may accumulate or get rubbed off on a Form-Fit cover and that’s where another added benefit comes into play. The cover’s soft material is machine washable. Owners can remove it and have it professionally cleaned, or if their washing machine has large enough capacity, they can do it themselves at home. This will keep both the car and the cover looking good as time goes on. The four year warranty against material defects assures owners that this cover will offer protection for years to come.

Total Custom

It doesn’t end with covers that only fit OEM patterns however. Covercraft also manufactures fully custom covers. Customers who have a customized car, such as a high end show car, or perhaps even a racer that sees a lot of indoor showtime, can send dimensions to Covercraft, or even have them measure the car at a show they’re attending. From there Covercraft can create a custom cover to fit the specific shape, unique to that vehicle. “That information is also stored in our database and if they ever need a cover again, or if they make changes to the vehicle, like adding a blower that sticks out of the hood, they can send us an update and we can make a new or replacement cover for them,” says Jegelwicz. “We have over 80,000 patterns in our database right now, the oldest one we have is for a vehicle from 1898.”

Thanks to Covercraft's measuring and CAD system the cover not only fits the contours of the car but also has precisely placed pockets for things like the mirrors and antenna.


It’s been widely publicized that 2014 is the 50th anniversary of the Mustang. Covercraft was one of only a handful of companies licensed by Ford to make 50th anniversary Mustang merchandise. As a result they can add the official Mustang 50th anniversary logo to any car cover, or UVS100 Sunscreen until December 31, 2014. At that time the 50th Anniversary logo goes in the vault, never to be used again.

Whatever you drive, chances are Covercraft has a car cover solution to fit it. Whether your vehicle is parked indoors, or outside, they have a variety of products that will protect the car from its environment. With Wild E Coyote covered when it’s parked in the garage, we can spend more time enjoying the drive, and less time cleaning the car thanks to our Form-Fit cover. When it’s parked at the office all day, the UVS100 will help keep the inside cooler in the hot SoCal sun while protecting the interior from UV damage. To find the Covercraft product that’s right for your application be sure to check out the Covercraft website or give them a call.


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