Worth The Weight: A Look At Proform’s 7,000lb Slim Wireless Scales

Whether you are planning on some neck-snapping canyon carving or he-man, wheel-lifting launches at the strip, having the proper chassis setup is a vital step to performing well when it comes to race day. Choosing a good set of car scales for your builds could mean the difference between a podium finish and that dreaded participation trophy. You know, that award they give you for just showing up. Don’t be that guy!


For over 30 years Proform Parts has offered racing enthusiasts innovative, quality vehicle scales that are designed to deliver maximum performance at an affordable price. A quick internet search showed the kit in the range of eight bills. When it comes to performance measuring devices, $800 for a complete set that is wireless and supported by one of the most popular performance companies in the industry, well… it’s worth the weight.

Proform holds the patent rights to dozens of parts and product designs, and is at the forefront of future product development. They also spend a great deal of time listening to customer feedback on expanding and improving their current line of vehicle scales.

Proform 7000 LB Wireless Vehicle Scales Features

  • 7,000 pounds capacity total
  • 1,750 pounds per pad rating
  • Includes four pads
  • 15″l x 15″w x 1 5/16″h
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • Hard case w/ telescoping handle
  • PC Program for data export
  • AA batteries included
  • Super thin weighing pads
  • Drive-up ready angled sides
  • Backlit LCD screen
  • PC program to download and save data
  • Wheeled foam-lined hard case with telescoping handle
  • X-weight, side to side, and front to back weighing screens
The latest addition to the Proform vehicle scale lineup is the Proform 7,000-pound Slim Wireless Vehicle Weighing System, (Part#67644).  The portable wireless system comes complete with everything you need to hit the ground running.

The complete kit features four(4), full-size 15-inch x 15-inch slim aluminum scale pads that are drive-up angled for easy setup with or without a lift.

The Proform scales are designed to measure not only a vehicle’s total weight, but also the percentage of each wheel and a race cars standard weight. The scale pads can also be configured for side-to-side weight comparisons and front-to-rear weight ratios. This allows for quick and accurate corrections that can be performed at the track.

The scales feature a live stream data feed which connects via USB cable to your computer with a free downloadable program for viewing and file exporting.

A large, backlit LCD screen and control buttons make for easy setup, and the complete system comes packaged in a foam-lined hard case with wheels for storage.  The individual scale pads have a 1,750 pound capacity per pad for a total scale capacity of 7,000 pounds.

The scale is ready to go out of the box. We calibrate every scale before it is shipped.                   -Ryan Salta, Proform

The vehicle scales are scary accurate, with the company boasting accuracy to 1/10th of 1-percent. The scale pads are made of die-cast aluminum, and finished in a durable black powdercoat. AA batteries are also included in the kit.

The Proform Advantage
We had the chance to catch up with Ryan Salta, Marketing Specialist for Specialty Auto Parts U.S.A., Inc. to ask him some questions about the new system. The first thing Ryan said at the very beginning touched our budget racing soul. “This system is an affordable wireless scale system that is used to weigh racing vehicles. The various calculations shown on the digital display can be interpreted into the suspension setup for a racing vehicle, which will allow a racer to optimize the tuning,” he said.

Optimizing anything hits us right where we live, but we wanted to find out why this system was unique and different from the others that are on the market. “It has everything included,” replied Ryan.” The Proform 7,000-pound wireless vehicle weighing system was designed to give race teams everything they need to properly weigh their racecars come race day.

The LCD backlit display with a .01-percent resolution, reads in pounds or kilograms with only four AA batteries, which are included in the kit.

“We calibrate every scale before it is shipped. says Ryan. “If by chance the scale somehow gets out of whack, you can call our tech line, and we will walk you through how to re-calibrate it over the phone. If needed, we can also make arrangements to have it shipped back to us, and we will do it for you.”

While other systems require you to use your own phone or tablet to be used as a part of the data display system, the Proform LCD display box connects directly to your laptop or PC via USB cable, allowing the data to be shown on the display simultaneously on the computer.  This gives you the ability to save that data over time for multiple vehicle profiles.

The hard-shell carrying/storage case, internally padded, with telescoping handle and roller wheels.

“You do have the option to download a small software program to allow for the scale data to be uploaded onto a PC for spreadsheet export,” says Ryan. “Our system gives you the option to set and save multiple vehicle profiles for future use. This means there is no need to have a pen and paper, but this isn’t needed for the scale to work. The program also works with our Gas-Can Scale and the wired scale.”

The four ultra-thin scale pads, with four-corner load cells run on two AA batteries each, also included in the kit.

The Proform wireless system eliminates the need to buy separate ramps to get your vehicle up on the pads. The four load cells allow for more leeway when driving your car or truck up on the pads, unlike some other systems that only have one centered load cell per pad (think standing at the top of your bathroom scale and shifting weight to the back of your heels).

Setting up the system was a breeze, and we were very impressed with the hard case and packaging the kit comes with.


We asked Ryan what the most significant difference to running the wireless system is over a wired system. “Wired Systems are time tested and true. We still offer a wired system at Proform, but there are definitely advantages to a wireless system. There are no cords to get tangled, frayed, or lose. And with a wired system, you can only go as far as the cord is long. Our wireless system can go up to 30-yards away and still give accurate readings. ”

“Another benefit is that the 7,000-pound system has larger 15-inch by 15-inch weighing pads which are definitely better suited for large race tires.”

Proform Parts is committed to finding ways to provide value and meet the needs of the enthusiast with high-quality, affordable parts within everybody’s budget. For more information on the entire line of Proform vehicle scales, you can visit the official website here.

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