Hands-On With FAST’s E7 Programmable Ignition For Drag Racing

Fuel Air Spark Technology had drag racers in mind when it developed the new E7 Programmable Ignition module — a system with features focused on those with high compression, screaming-RPM engines, and power adders such as superchargers, turbochargers, and nitrous oxide who demand more adjustability, power, and control.

The E7 is a capacitive discharge ignition delivering up to 160mJ of energy and +/- 1/2 a degree of timing accuracy, with a multi-strike function that operates below 3,000 engine RPM to keep it running crisp at or near idle. The high power output is a result of the made-in-the-USA internal transformers with higher-end copper wiring.

“We developed this module for the more high-end drag racer or those with high-powered, heavy-duty street cars. It sends more power to the spark plug than a lot of other boxes, and it presents more programmability, so you aren’t just running your timing at 32-degrees and everything is locked out,” explains FAST’s Dave Henninger. “This box gives people a very simple way to do a performance curve with a very high output ignition.”

“The boosted applications, or methanol, something where you need to do a better job of lighting the combustion completely, that’s what this is really for. Higher compression engines, alternative fuels, or boosted or supercharged — this would be the best choice to light those extra heavy mixtures.”

The E7 features two separately adjustable rev-limiters, which are controlled through the FAST I-COM software; there, you can also create custom timing curves for your engine in 50 RPM increments (up to 12,500), adjust a single stage of nitrous timing retard, create a timing retard curve for boost, or set up 20-degrees of automatic start retard.


The I-COM software was developed specifically for the E7 module, with a dat-set and algorithms programmed to create the simplest of interfaces for programming your ignition. 

“The initial setup is very easy….when you open the software, you see this simple RPM versus spark, 1,000 RPM 20-degrees, 10,000 RPM 30-degrees, or whatever, and there there are variables on the other side for rev-limiters and crank retard for when its starts. We anted it to super simple, and then it be something that if it got into the hands of circle-track racers, that the sanctioning bodies would be able to approve it.


The E7 can be kitted-out with FAST’s E93 coil — one with a closed magnetic path, which means less inductance loss with improved energy transfer to create an improved spark. Inside the low-profile coil housing is heavy gauge wiring for use on both sets of windings, resulting in a turns ratio of 60:1, which is ideal for street, drag-race, or circle track application where reliable, powerful ignition is required. The module is compatible with crank triggers for precise control

Owing to its focus on quality and durability, FAST housed the E7 in a a soft urethane casing to protect it from moisture and vibration. The wiring schematic, like the software, is designed for simplicity (there is, in fact, only one page of install instructions).

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