A Generational Look At TMI’s Mustang Seat Covers

Many folks instantly think of TMI Products when shopping for a modern, custom interior. But did you know TMI also offers factory-original Mustang seat covers and foam sets for many years all the way up to 2017? TMI also offers complete seat assemblies and many interior components to bring your entire interior back to brand new. The TMI website is searchable by vehicle so you can see everything they offer in one place.

Whether you enjoy a first-generation Mustang or a much later model, TMI Products has many covers and components to fit your Mustang.

Seat covers see the most wear, but that doesn’t mean they need to look dingy or fabricated by a boat upholsterer. TMI has gone to great lengths to make sure both the seat covers and foam padding are OEM-correct, so they fit and look like the factory originals. TMI is officially licensed to sell OEM Ford interior products on its website, such as the Deluxe Pony Factory-Style seat covers. TMI also offers covers and foam for SVO, GT, and Mach 1 seats for various years of production.

Getting the right seat foam is as important as the right seat covers. TMI offers numerous foam sets including Pony Sport foam and even foam designed to include airbags in the later production years.

TMI-designed seat covers are constructed of durable vinyl and may include patterns featuring suede, perforated leather, or plaid (cloth) as used in the original design. Seat covers also mimic OEM options for two-tone color choices, heat embossing, and a metal embellishment in the seat’s design. Customers can order their seat covers and foam directly from TMI and install them or have them installed by their trusted, local shop.

Embossing and other OEM touches are available just as when they were originally offered.

First Gen (1964.5 – 1973) Mustang Seat Covers

The TMI standard seat covers are designed to be a correct replacement with factory colors and matching stitch. Customers can get the Deluxe Pony factory-style seat cover, which has options for choosing a different color cover only, with no non-OEM stitching options. Deluxe Pony factory-style covers can be ordered in two-tone and have a metal embellishment in the middle of the seat cover. Color choices are OEM only.

Third Generation (Fox-Body) Mustang Seat Covers


Third generation standard seats are only available in a single color and low-back versions come with a headrest. TMI offers seat covers and foam for low- and highback standard seats, as well as the Recaro sport seat, which does allow for a two-tone option of black bolsters and black or white inserts.

The Fox-body Mustangs had several variants with their own designs, like the Recaro sport seats (Left).


A lot changed with the 1983 production year for Mustang. A 5-speed manual transmission and optional 5.0L V8 kept the fun in the sun when for the first time in almost a decade, owners could drop the top in their convertible Mustangs.

TMI seat covers for this one-year wonder include standard seat covers (including GLX/GT) in lowback factory colors, as well as the Mach 1 style upholstery, or the highback standard seats offered that year. TMI also has the foam-injected halo headrests which began that year and were used until 1986.


When the 1984 Mustang SVO hit the streets, it was Ford’s answer to having V8 performance with a four-cylinder economy. Ford beefed up the suspension of the sporty Fox and also updated the interior with SVO-specific seats utilizing more aggressive side bolsters to keep occupants firmly situated.

TMI has replicated these sporty covers and foam sets with its SVO/Mach 1 articulated sport performance seat in vinyl and cloth and the SVO/Mach 1 sport-style upholstery. Factory stitching options only, no contrasting stitching colors are available.


Mustang received a facelift in 1987 and TMI continues to offer the SVO/Mach 1 style covers, as well as low and highbacked replacements. TMI also now offers its Sport-R, or Sport-R500 seat upholstery for 1987 through 1989 Mustangs. This updated foam and seat cover is designed to fit with the GT’s seat frames and the original headrest. TMI offers these covers with suede accents and contrasting stitching and rally stripes.


TMI offers the standard seat covers for Fox-bodied Mustangs, but also carries special models such as the Mach 1 and even have their own Sport line of covers designed to fit on original GT frames.

Fourth Generation (SN95) Mustang Seat Covers


Cobras and GTs really came into play in ’94 and TMI have them covered with its GT and Cobra-style seat upholstery and bucket foam offerings. Likewise, TMI also steps up its customization options with its Sport-X, Sport-XR, and Sport-R500 seat upholstery options.

2003 Mustang Cobra Sport 10th Anniversary seat covers.


Along with its custom-designed Sport-X, Sport-R, Sport-XR, and Sport-R500 offerings, TMI also offers the OEM-style GT front bucket-style seat upholstery for these years. There are also the SVT, Cobra sport seats, and the Bullitt GT sport seat upholstery available.

Fifth Generation (S197) Mustang Seat Covers


Ford took a long, hard look in the mirror to design the fifth-generation Mustang and used many cues from its past to seal the deal. Iconic names such as Mach 1, GT, and Bullitt carried over and the Pony-Style seat adornments made a comeback.

Enthusiasts could again opt for the Pony interior and TMI offers both the standard and upgrade seat covers.

TMI offers a full sport seat lineup for these years, as well as the Bullitt, GT, and Pony-Style covers. TMI also now offers seat foam to include airbags, a first with this generation. Keen eyes will note that our years listed only go to 2009 while the fifth-generation of Mustang production goes on for another four years. Although TMI does offer its Sport line of seat covers for Mustangs, it does not offer any OEM-style seat covers for the 2010-2013 production years of Mustangs.

Sixth Generation (S550) Mustang Seat Covers


Due to the lack of age on these seats, TMI has focused more on the customization of 2014-2017 Mustang seats rather than restoration (products do not have guaranteed fitment after 2017). TMI offers its sport covers for sixth-generation seats, but also offers complete replacement seats in its Pro-Series line as a universal upgrade in style and support.

As mentioned, TMI does offer a Universal seat line consisting of its Pro-Series, Pro-Classic, and Pro-Grand style seats, all designed in-house by TMI. Universal seats use an all-new frame, seat cushion, and upholstery and are available in high and lowback variants with optional headrests when applicable. There are 13 different seat patterns with an unlimited amount of custom combinations of colors, materials, contrast stitching, and optional grommet colors. Customers should speak with a sales representative when ordering from the Universal seat line to ensure proper fit and configuration.

Whether you’ve decided to go full custom or a complete restoration, when it comes to the interior of your Mustang, TMI has your seats covered. Check out the website and see everything TMI has to offer. It’ll be worth the stop, and your Mustang is sure to look awesome because of it.

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