After yesterday’s mega kick-off event, Mustang Week rolls into high gear in its second day as the action roared into Myrtle Beach Speedway for a day of autocross action and fun runs. The forecast, however, was not promising and rain eventually rolled in.

As such, the crowd was a bit smaller than years past, at least early on, but that didn’t dampen their enthusiasm. Mustangs lapped the oval track for fun runs as usual. Meanwhile, the autocross turned into a tail-wagging, tire spinning funfest, which challenged drivers and entertained the crowds.

If you are going to build a project car, it always helps to have sponsors. Spencer Loye counts his dad, Scott, as the primary sponsor for his 1989 Mustang LX and we fully support that. The younger Loye has improved his Fox with Eibach suspension bits, Team Z subframe connectors, and Corbeau seats, all of which helped him enjoy those speedway fun runs more.

Speaking of challenging and entertaining, Ultimate Fun Haver and Formula Drift champ, Vaughn Gittin Jr. was on hand to drift his Mustang RTR demo car around the oval track. Vaughn had no trouble sliding on the wet pavement, but he really had to work its supercharged Coyote to produce a bit of smoke on the wet surface.

The action continues throughout the day and was to be capped off by the SVTPerformance burnout contest, which was sadly cancelled due to the weather. And, tomorrow Mustang Week will continue letting the ponies gallop — in a straight line — as the event brings its Test ’N Tune drag racing even to North Myrtle Beach drag strip for the first time.

We’ll be there, so stay tuned for our continued coverage of Mustang Week 2017.

BFGoodrich sponsors and runs the autocross to promote its tires. The course allows for ride-alongs in various BFG and Gateway Classic Mustang rides, as well as for Mustang Week participants to kill some cones in their own rides.

As we mentioned, Vaughn Gittin Jr. was on the property with his rides and his rig. In addition to meeting and greeting with fans, Vaughn took advantage of the big oval track, which provided a great venue to slide around in his Mustang RTR demonstrator.

Vendors ranging including Petty’s Garage, Mustang RTR, Stifflers, UPR Products and more were on hand to show off their latest wares at the track.

We walked up as Rainey Higginbottom was trying to clean a few raindrops off his 1994 Cobra. He’d just been out on the oval track and was fretting about coolant flowing out of his overflow bottle, which likely signaled a blown head gasket inside the ProCharged 347 stroker. We hope he is able fix it up and enjoy the rest of the week’s activities.

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