Welcome to Mark’s ’70 Mustang BOSS 429 Build Project….. this project site will document, detail and photograph the build of a BOSS 429 replica. I spent many months doing research on the early Mustangs…. with special attention on the rare 1969/70 BOSS 429.

So why am I doing this BOSS 429 project, well for several reasons…. I love cars and building things, it’s a great hobby that has value when project is complete and this project will allow me to show off the car, what’s possible with a car like this, my skills and maybe allow me to build several a year when I retire for other people who want a fine car muscle car (but may not have the time, skill or desire to do on their own).

Current Status

Hopefully, the content of this site will be of benefit to you or at lease enjoyable to just keep up with the progress. It will be a fun plan and build process. I am very mechanically inclined, have a large collection of tools and pretty good with my hands. In the past 35 years, I’ve done many projects, e.g., home constructions, remodeling, plumbing, electrical, landscaping, all my own car maintenance and enhancements, golf club building, side business in small computers years ago and the list goes on. I’ve completed my first car build… a ’65 Cobra 427 S/C  in Dec 2010… here’s the link if interested. //www.uniquecobra.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=68

Recently, after seeing early Mustang’s on TV auto shows and the History channel, I “had to have” a BOSS 429. Since the originals typically sell at auction from $200,000+, the only alternative for me is to build my own via the “donor Mustang” car option. I’ll share probably more than you want to know. Nearly all the information that I’ve gathered has come from other builders or vendors who have generously shared their experiences, and many other related automotive web sites.  Thanks to all of you that have spoke with me, emailed or just shared your thoughts on the various forum threads.

I will always update this project site over the coming months as I research, build, change, discover, etc. I hope you’ll participate in the threads…. It’s ok to not agree with what or how I did my project…. to each his own. Please comment and add your thoughts that are relevant to the thread topic.

I bought and picked up a ’70 Mustang fastback this past week…. this will be my starting point (see attached photos of the red Mustang).  Many of you may have recently watch the Stacy David’s GEARZ TV show where Stacy has a Cougar project…. Well, I’ll be taking very similar actions…. e.g., front rack & pinion w/Pwr Steering, coil overs, etc; new torque rear end set up, Currie F9 rear with Tru Track, coil overs; Wilwood 13″ big brake upgrades, torsion bars; pwr brakes; stroked BBF 460 (526ci) with the Jon Kaase BOSS 429 head, intake, Dominator 1050; A/C, and so much more.  This will be a resto mod… in that I want the look of the original, but with current technology.

I recently saw a rebuild of an 69 Chevy Camaro SS based on the famous Yenko Chevy’s on Chop Cut Rebuild TV show. The builder said it well, and his philosophy on the re-build is what I’ll use on my 70 Boss 429 build…. His philosophy/comment was, I’m not trying to duplicate a Yenko Chevy Camaro, but want to build one as if Yenko was still modifying Chevy’s today, and what new options and technologies might Yenko have used? I’m not trying to build an authentic Boss 429…. That’s actually pretty much impossible if you think about it. I’m trying to build/replicate a modern version of the 69/70 Mustang Boss 429 while retaining the base look and feel. I’m going “a little” over the top for several reasons… it’s my nature, I like certain things/gadgets, HP and I want to build a few cars a year for others after retirement and plan to use my car as a “see what I’ve done” advertisement.

So, come along for the long ride, share your comments/insights and we’ll see where we end up.

Thanks Mark