It’s been awhile since my last update….. Lots of final fabrication and preparation before
sending the Boss project to Chris Collier, Panama City, FL for Body and Paint….. more on that later.
Now that that the engine, transmission and all the other mechanicals are fitted, it’s now time to fit and make the exhaust, body details, seat pan, wheels and hose/wire routing.   It’s a tough combination of all the suspension, extra support and exhaust.

Here’s some of the Total Cost Indicated (TCI) suspension parts I installed.

Here’s a view of the TCI with Rear End. I chose the Currie F9 rear with a 3.50:1 ratio that will map well to my engine torque and HP; and the Tremec TKO 600 5 speed transmission

After installing the headers, you can see it’s a very tight fit. But I have lots of room for the starter.

As you can see here, I had to notch the right motor mount to give header clearance. I’ll clean the cut later before powder coating.


I had these 18″ custom wheels made to replicate the mid-60’s shelby 15″ wheels. I had to go to 18″ for the big brake clearance. An added benefit was the “quality” of better tire options I had that will allow for a lot better control and management of the 740HP pushing them.