Video: Pokemon Go Plus Mustang = Awkward

Over the past few weeks, you may have noticed an abundance of young people staring intently at their phones in a random assortment of public places, or at least more so than usual. More likely than not, these kids are engrossed in the new Pokemon Go mobile game that has turned pretty much everybody under 30, into wannabe monster hunters. It hasn’t taken long for Internet stars to don their own monster-hunting hats, as they rigorously mock this latest smartphone fad.


Pikachu looks pissed.

So what’s this have to do with Mustangs? Well one YouTube star, the infamous Joey Salads, enlisted a brand new Mustang in a somewhat-awkward Pokemon Go spoof video that includes a bat-wielding Pikachu.

Apparently YouTube work pays pretty well these days; as Mr. Salads rolls up to random strangers in his black sixth-gen Mustang EcoBoost, and asks them to pick a team color in reference to the red, blue, and yellow teams that Pokemon trainers must choose. Choosing the wrong color prompts a visit from the aforementioned bat-wielding Pikachu, who then corners one poor unsuspecting victim who looks completely lost as to how to appropriately respond to a grown man in a Pokemon onesie.

"Pikachu, use Grand Slam!"

“Pikachu, use Grand Slam!”

The one positive takeaway we get from this video (at least in terms of the Mustang), is that the trunk can hold a full-grown man, err, Pikachu, comfortably within its confines. It’s no classic Pokeball though, and Mr. Salads has to run around and open the trunk manually, further diminishing the magic and making the awkward encounters that much more.

But hey, at least the Mustang didn’t crash while leaving a parking lot.

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