For many Blue Oval fans, especially those growing up in the Fox Mustang generation, the 1993 Mustang Cobra is the dream car! Of course, the ultimate Fox fantasy car is the ultra-rare 1993 Cobra R! With only 107 of these race factory spec machines coming off the assembly line even having the chance to see one is pretty rare.

The opportunity to buy one that is basically brand new in 2017 is a truly rare opportunity. That is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity most people thought passed them by in 1993! However, for one lucky bidder, there is another chance. A low-mile 1993 Cobra R is currently for sale on eBay.


With only 12 miles on it, this car has been stored in a bubble for nearly 20 years. Number 86, this Cobra R was purchased new at Wood River Ford in Illinois but was never titled and is still on the dealer Manufacturer’s Statement Of Origin, which means, technically, it has never been titled in anyone’s name, making the next owner the “first.”

The current owner says the car is in perfect condition except for one small dent, shown in the photos. He states the car has not run in over 20 years. At that time the gas was drained from the tank. This car is obviously a museum piece and deserves to be preserved as such! Although we have to admit, if we bought the car it sure would be tempting to drive it around the block a few times!

As of this writing, the car still has a little less than a week of bidding left and the high bid was already quickly approaching triple-digit territory when we spotted it. While the reserve is still not met at this point, we have to assume it will continue to go up and inch closer to that reserve, whatever it may be, over the next few days.

With the recent explosion of Fox Mustang value, thanks to the prices garnered by the Dennis Collins collection at Barrett-Jackson last spring, rare, low-mile Foxes are selling for top dollar! This should only drive the prices up even higher for the more prevalent ponies! You can check out this rare piece of SVT history and bid for yourself here!

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