Car Show Recap: American Muscle Mustang Show

Nearly every Mustang fan, owner, and enthusiast has heard about the American Muscle show held annually in Media, Pennsylvania.  If you have not, you should turn in your keys and get with the program.  Boasting as the world’s largest Mustang show to date, American Muscle attracted over 1,400 Mustangs and 5,000 spectators in a single day from across the country.  With more celebrities, models, and horsepower on the dyno, this year’s event was one for the books.  In attendance were the infamous American Muscle models, Chip Foose, and Vaughn Gittin Jr. who held the crowd at bay with autographs as attendees frenzied over purchasing top notch American Muscle Mustang products and taking photos of the sea of never ending ponies on display.

Photos by Daniel Ramey and Nicole Schatten

This year set a new precedent, with the legendary Chip Foose signing autographs, presenting an award for his favorite Mustang, and even auctioning off Foose wheel and tire packages to benefit the charitable cause of raising over twenty thousand dollars for Alex’s Lemonade Stand.  Vaughn Grittin Jr. amazed the crowd by driving around the show in a giant motorized shopping cart and was accompanied by the beautiful American Muscle models who were handing out Mustang RTR merchandise.  To top it off, Mustangs were roaring in the background on the dyno with one Turbo Boss 302 pumping 788 hp and 681 ft-lbs  and a Terminator Cobra making 795 hp and 838 ft-lbs.

Winners of the event were more than happy to accept their awards.  Trophy recipients were posing for pictures with Chip Foose, Vaughn Grittin Jr., and the American Muscle models after strutting up to the center stage as if winning the Pennsylvania lottery.  For those who couldn’t make it this year, three simple words should be running through your mind come next August- American Muscle Show.

Red Mustang Registry – Best Club Participation Award

Matt Majka’s 1969 Mustang – Best Employee Ride Award

The winners from this year’s show:

Runner Up Pre-1979 Linda Witte & Daniel Herberth 1973 Mustang

Best in Class Pre-1979 Joe Metzger 1969 Mach 1

Runner Up 1979-1993 Eric Hemphill 1992 Mustang

Best in Class 1979-1993 Bill Hough 1982 Mustang

Runner Up 1994-1998 Walter Drumheller 1995 Cobra

Best in Class 1994-1998 Paul Langlois 1998 GT

Runner Up 1999-2004 Timothy Capinski 2004 GT

Best in Class 1999-2004 Steve Sirianni 1999 35th Anniversary GT

Runner Up 2005-2009 Rodney Wright 2008 Bullitt

Best in Class 2005-2009 Joe Ferro 2008 GT

Runner Up 2010-2014 Jennifer Russell 2011 V6

Steve Schatten’s 2010 GT – People’s Choice Award

Best in Class 2010-2014 Antoinette Bolduc 2013 GT

Runner Up Specialty Class Jeff Stein 2007 GT500 Super Snake

Best in Class Specialty Class Scott Olexy 1985 Saleen

Best Employee Ride

AmericanMuscle Employee – Voted by show participants

Matt Majka 1969 Mustang Sportsroof

Vendor Pick

Selected by FLOWMASTER Julie Atkison 2013 Boss

People’s Choice

Selected by the participant at the show Steve Schatter 2010 GT

Snazziest Stang Car that is the most eye-catching and grabs everyone’s attention Bill Mentzer 1986 GT

Most Radical Engine Hank Doran 1983 GT Boss with 351 Cobra R block

Best Dyno Run Chris Jurkowitsch 2004 SVT Cobra

Best Club Participation Red Mustang Registry 50 Mustangs

Chip Foose Award Presented By Chip Susan Stanley 1968 GT500

Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s Ready to Rock Award Presented By Vaughn Robert Rabon 2011 GT (Plasti-Dip)

Best in Show Julie Allen 1984 LX Mustang

With this year’s show such a huge success, we can’t wait to see what the American Muscle guys pull out for next year. We’ll have to wait until next August to find out though, so until then enjoy the gallery below, and start making your plans now to attend this show next year.

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