Mustang 50th Anniversary Celebration At Charlotte: Same Day Coverage


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It’s the biggest birthday party in automotive history, the Mustang 50th anniversary from Charlotte, North Carolina. StangTV has dispatched Team Mustang Girls to cover all the action and events of this once in a lifetime event. 50 years ago today, Ford unleashed the Mustang on the world, knowing it would be a hit, but with no way of knowing it would become such a dominate force in the auto industry, a figure in pop-culture, and a beloved car for generations of the blue oval faithful. Be sure to check back here each and everyday for the latest updates, photos, and info on the hottest car party on the east coast.

Thursday meant registration, opening ceremonies and of course track time!  Team Mustang Girls took to the track on the first day of the 50th Anniversary Celebration.  The girls were up early to be at the 7 am drivers meeting and found that the media pass also doubled as an ice scraper! After a few rules and some lessons about flags it was time to drive!

The day was broken into 6 20 minute sessions. The first time around was a learning lesson. The steep bank is a strange feeling the first time you hit it.  The next session Courtney asked racer Brandon Dillard to ride shotgun and give some guidance and wow did that help! Knowing the right lines plus an added boost of confidence from someone with some real skills set in motion a great day on the track!

After the track there was time to check out the rest of the show that had gathered while the girls were going in circles. And it was huge! Cars everywhere you looked and people just happy to be around them! And the girls got an up close look at the 2015 Mustang! 

Friday is when things will really get going, so be sure to keep checking back with us all weekend as Team Mustang Girls covers the Mustang 50th Anniversary celebration from Charlotte, NC. Also be sure to check out the gallery page for even more photos from each the events each day.

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