Texas Cobra Club Springs Into Track Mode

The Shelby Cobra is one of the most replicated cars. The smooth lines, lightweight chassis, and of course racing heritage plays a huge part into the love for these vehicles. The Ford v. Ferrari movie was only one more accelerant that added fuel to the fire of enthusiasts wanting one in their own garage. While new owners have the choice of buying a completed vehicle or the option to build their own, the desire to showcase the end product is strong between both parties. What better way to do this than to enjoy a day on the track?


Each year the Texas Cobra Club provides complete track access for Shelby Cobra owners during their annual spring meet. This allows new drivers to experience spirited driving in a protected and safe environment. It also means that those with track-backed education can really put their chassis to the test. No matter how you slice it, seeing the Shelby Cobra in its natural track environment is a sight to see, however, the addition of a dozen others pushing the limits on the track brings a completely different dynamic. 

Harris Hill Raceway plays host as the chosen snakepit allowing these kit cars to test suspension, braking, and performance. A clubhouse overlooks the entire track, which allows full viewing pleasure for those watching their significant other toss the car through the corners. Once on track, you can find 11 turns with a variety of turning radius’, elevation drops, and straight aways. Turn four provides the most technical section with an 80-foot rise, a right-hand turn, and into a blind and off-camber left-hand turn that drops 80-feet. This turn, aptly named after the patron saint of the impossible task, allows cars to transform from road racing vehicles into farm equipment, as drivers who over-throttle the section will be plowing the grass alongside the track. 

It’s hard to imagine a better way to spend a Friday than watching a group of Cobras attack the track or catching a Ford Raptor on 37-inch tires railing through corners. There was even some modern flare with a GT350 and GT500 hounding down their much smaller counterparts. So next time you have to spring your clock forward, remember to spring for a chance to see these cars on track at the Texas Cobra Club Spring Meet.

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