Texas Cobra Club Strikes San Marcos For Annual Spring Meet

The phrase, “Everything is bigger in Texas” is one that not only boasts Texas pride in its geographical presence, but the size of its trucks as well. However, not everyone has a fetish for oversized vehicles, as there is a group of automotive enthusiasts who obsess over a vehicle that is a fraction of the size of most on the road. Instead of being proud to take up space, the group is proud to show off their vehicle count at their yearly event. That group is the Texas Cobra Club and each year they host a meet that includes a variety of activities in the Central Texas region.

Texas cobra club

Chances are if you’re a Shelby Cobra enthusiast then you already know about the presence of this Cobra formation in San Marcos, Texas. If you are not familiar with the event, then let me break it down. The Texas Cobra Club Spring Meet is a five day event spanning March 30th-April 2nd and allows Cobra owners to participate in a variety of activities. This includes cruises, dyno time, track sessions, and more. Owners can pick and choose which events they would like to attend or choose to stay back at the hotel and enjoy the presence of like minded individuals with a bottle of Texas-made Titos in hand. At night the San Marcos convention center will play host to a banquet, movies in the parking lot with Ford V. Ferrari being an obvious fan favorite, and a silent auction.

While the San Marcos, Texas convention center plays host to the indoor activities, its secured parking lot is where you’ll find everyone enjoying the cars. This event is far from a static car show though and the hotel parking lot is merely the staging grounds for days’ various events. Track time will be hosted at Harris Hill Raceway in San Marcos, Texas, Dyno Day will be at Henderson Performance in New Braunfels, Texas, and the cruise will drive to scenic Wembley, Texas.

texas cobra club

As of last count there were over 130 Cobras registered for the event. Even though the Cobra lacks creature comforts found in most modern vehicles, there are still a few enthusiasts braving the drive and making the trip in their Cobra from Illinois, Florida, and further. So, if you are in the Central Texas region then I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the week than surrounded by the cars that made Ford the powerhouse of performance that they are today.

Event schedule can be found here.



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