1200 rwhp 2012 Boss 302 is the Epitome of the Ultimate Street Car

When it comes to modern pony cars, not much can beat a Boss 302, but with a few upgrades and a well-rounded driver, even the famous high-performance Mustang can be improved upon. Such is the case with this 2012 Boss 302 enhanced by Justin’s Performance Center. Throwing down over 1,200hp on the dyno recently, this bad pony gets the job done. Lucky for you, we got to know a bit more.

A revival of the original Mustang powerhouse of 1969 and 1970, the brand new 2012 Boss 302 brings with it a heritage, performance standard and appeal that just can’t be ignored. That’s because if you’re looking for power and pure raw muscle, few cars can compare. But that doesn’t mean that the car can’t be improved upon, and with JPC on your side, the sky is the limit.

New Boss 302 owner Ricky Wilson didn’t just want a performance car, however. He wanted the ULTIMATE car.

“Well Ricky wanted to build the ultimate street car; a car that can be driven to work and back on Friday; then be going down the Texas mile on Saturday; then be driven to the grocery store on Sunday,” JPC’S Aaron LeBlanc told us in an email conversation. “While on the outside the car seems fairly tame, I can assure you that it’s far from it.”

The car’s less-than-tame reputation comes thanks to a forged short block, Boss camshafts, and ultimately, a custom turbo kit from Charlie McCarthy and JPC with a 76mm ball bearing Precision turbo. Adding even more performance to the car are 105lb injectors, a JPC fuel system circulating E85 fuel, and a custom JPC tune. Backed by the factory transmission, this potent setup equips Wilson’s Mustang with 1,217rwhp.

“The power in this car is absolutely insane for a street car,” LeBlanc told us. “While with some turbo setups people complain about lag, with this car its non-existent. It’s almost like you flick the power on with a light switch.” He elaborated with “With over 1,200rwhp, once it gets traction it’s more of a rocket then a car.” And that’s with the factory air conditioning, interior and power steering still intact. How’s that for showing what modern muscle is capable of?

Now that the car is finished, at least for now, Wilson intends to compete in the Texas Mile and similar events, according to LeBlanc.

“He’s also big into roll racing so I know he plans on racing bikes, exotics and just about anything that comes his way…. legally of course.”

As with every build for JPC, seeing the end result perform magnificently on the dyno is the team’s favorite part. That’s not to say that getting it there is always easy.

“The toughest part of the build, I would have to say, is all of the R&D,” said LeBlanc. “Coyote engines are a relatively new platform and when you’re pushing the limits, you tend to run into unforeseen issues. It’s cars like these that pave the way for other builds and help us improve.”

And what a car it is. Check out Wilson’s ’12 Boss on the dyno below. 

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