Bob Daniels’ Silver State Challenge Stang Runs the Best with BMR

When it comes to high-performance chassis, drivetrain components, and especially suspension products, BMR Suspension is one of the best. Offering components for over 15 vehicle platforms and applications ranging from street vehicles to drag cars, BMR is one of the top choices for Mustang performance products in the country. But what if you want to push your Mustang more than the average weekend warrior, like Bob Daniels with his Silver State Classic Roush Mustang? Well, BMR also has you covered there.

Daniels is relatively new to the Silver State Classic Challenge, having only competed once before, but with a slew of BMR Suspension components on his rid, he’s already proven to be one tough competitor.

To give Daniels the utmost handling and performance at this year’s Silver State Classic, his 2011 Roush Mustang has been fitted with high-performance BMR Suspension upgrades. There’s a 35mm sway bar, rear 22mm sway bar with mounting bushing and billet end links. An adjustable Panhard rod replaces the factory fixed unit, boxed nonadjustable lower control arms with polyurethane bushings, lower control arm relocation brackets get the rear geometry right. For safety Daniels has also added front and rear driveshaft safety loops.

These components give Daniels optimum control over his Stang for the 90-mile Classic course.

The Silver State Classic Challenge will run from September 18th through the 21st this year, following Nevada Highway 318, as is tradition. Just like in years past, participants will take to the open-road course with the intention of averaging a certain speed, designated by their class, for the entire stretch of the course without going over. For example, if someone is competing in the 125mph Class, the goal is to average as close to 125mph for the whole race as possible without going over the 125mph mark.

In his first Silver State Classic race, Daniels competed in the Touring Class, as is required for all rookies, choosing to run in the 110mph bracket. Performing extremely well, Daniels averaged 109.8317mph during that race.

Now that his rookie run is over, Daniels can move up in race class, so this year he will be returning to the Silver State Classic to compete in the Grand Touring Class, a bracket that has an average speed goal of 125mph.

“This type of racing that requires teamwork, and experience for both members of the team is absolutely necessary,” Daniels stated in a recent press release from BMR Suspension. “Just driving fast is not the point— driving precisely at the same time is the point. This has been the most exciting time in the car that I have had to date. Not sure I will ever head back to the track now that this bug has bitten me. The faster one is able to go amps up the necessity for timely and precise teamwork and the more functions become separated, therefore, more practice for the team is needed.”

With precision playing a major role in doing well in the Silver State Classic, the BMR Suspension components fitted to Daniels’ car will certainly help keep both Mustang and driver on track. Not only does this bode well for Daniels’ ability to average the speed he wants, but will also help keep him safe and in control over all 90 competitive miles for the 2014 race.

We wish Daniels the best of luck in his Silver State Classic race this fall. If you’d like to see what BMR Suspension offers for your high-performance Stang, be sure to visit their website at

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