PRI 2013: Ford Racing Releases EcoBoost 3.5-Liter Crate Engine

MG3_8730Today’s crop of modern powerplants and drivetrains has opened up a whole new world when it comes to dropping a V8 into a street rod or musclecar. Days when gearheads used to shoehorn a big block between the rails have given way to fuel injected engines that produce similar horsepower numbers, but are oh-so efficient when it comes to filling up at the local gas pump.

Ford Racing 3.5L EcoBoost Crate Engine

Available in 4-6 months:

  • Install kit under development
  • Includes power dist box, wiring, processor, pedal
  • All aluminum construction
  • 365 horsepower
  • 420 lb-ft torque
  • Dual overhead cams with variable timing
  • Direct fuel injection
  • Twin Honeywell/Garrett turbos

Not only are these engines efficient and powerful, but mated to a modern transmission makes these cars far more driveable than they ever used to be. So if you’re going to stab a modern drivetrain into a street rod, why not do so in a street rod that’s been updated with modern suspension, too?

That’s what Ford Racing has done when they paired up 365 horsepower of 3.5L EcoBoost with Factory Five’s ’33 Roadster as their development vehicle. The Roadster features a tube chassis and coil-over shocks, and the coupe has been a favorite for gearheads who want a kit car that is anything but a typical kit car.

The EcoBoost has been Ford’s latest in high tech engines, with an all-aluminum construction and 10.0:1 compression in this version. Making that 365 horsepower in a small package is done with the addition of a pair of Honeywell/Garrett GT15 turbochargers. The dual overhead camshafts and variable cam timing help to make this package powerful and efficient.

Ford Racing currently offers the aftermarket enthusiast with either a 2.0L or the 3.5L EcoBoost engines, with wiring installation kits coming soon to make this a truly plug and play system, like the popular 5.0 Coyote Controls Pack. Performance is once again affordable, all you need is a car to put the EcoBoost into. Check out the Ford Racing web site and stay tuned for more testing from the Factory Five Roadster.

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