PRI 2017: Hi-Ram Intake Feeds High-RPM 351W

At last there is a dedicated fuel-injection intake manifold for high-rpm 351 Windsors from Holley Performance.

If you have a Brand X buddy, you can actually thank them for something. Because Holley had such success with its Hi-Ram intakes for those ubiquitous LS engines, the company built one specifically for the Ford 351 Windsor small-block. Holley engineers applied what they learned building manifolds for rev-happy LS engines and applied it to the 351W.

There was not a high-rpm, fuel-injected intake manifold for 351 Windsors. — Rick Anderson, Holley Performance

“There was not a high-rpm, fuel-injected intake manifold for 351 Windsors that was made originally for fuel injection,” Rick Anderson of Holley Performance said of the intake’s origins. “Our Hi-Ram has been such a success and it works so well on the street and the strip and it didn’t take much to make it fit the 351 Windsor based off of the LS design.”

The result is a streetable, high-revving intake that can feed the kind of engines modern hot rodders demand.

Currently running the intake means using a 95 or 100mm LS-style throttle body as well as a specially designed distributor or coil-on-plug cam sensor. Other plenum lids and throttle body configurations are in development. (Photo Credit: Holley Performance)

“There are not many street cars anymore that turn to 6,000 rpm. They turn to 6,500 and 7,000 rpm,” Rick added. “Plus, in the old days, 7,000-rpm motors were not something you drove everyday. With modern fuel injection, like Holley EFI, they are something that you can drive every day.”

The result of that trend is a tunnel-ram style intake with straight, equal-length, tapered runners that offer both flow and velocity. The intake is currently available with a variety of plenum tops from those utilizing the affordable LS-style drive-by-wire throttle bodies to those enabling a carbureted conversion. More designs, including a Ford-throttle-body-friendly version, are in the offing as well.

For more on the Holley Hi-Ram 351W intakes, you can visit the company’s official site here.

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