PRI 2021: Torco Oil SR-1 Sets The Bar With Additive Package

Lubrication is a key point to any engine living a long and happy life. However, in addition to a longer and healthier running life, lubrication can also provide a boost in performance. This is due to the chemical characteristics found in the lubricant. One brand that is making bold claims about its performance gain is Torco Advanced Lubricants with their SR-1 performance synthetic oil.


Torco has created a name for itself with its SR-1 performance synthetic oil. We’ve seen an increase in the use of these products used on high-performance street applications and had to get the rundown. We sat down with Torco’s marketing director, Tony Scott, to discuss what makes the SR-1 performance synthetic oil different from the rest.

“All oil companies use a base oil and then an additive package of its own to set off a product’s characteristics. These additives have maximum and minimum approved levels by OEMs. While some brands try to scrape by using the minimum amount of additives, Torco shoots for the highest,” said Scott. “Torco also uses a batch blend. This means we can continue to monitor each batch for quality. However, it’s our additive package that makes the difference.”

Torco designed this oil specifically for the high-performance street car. So, If you’re due for an oil change and want to get something more than a canceled mileage-interval light, then maybe it’s time to check out the Torco SR-1.

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