PRI 2022: Aviaid Presents Their Ford FE External Wet-Sump Kit

Aviaid Competition Oil Systems has developed several applications for their G-Line of budget dry-sump oiling systems. These units are available for varied Chevrolet, Chrysler, Honda, and Ford engine designs. Most specifically, at the 2022 Performance Racing Industry show, the Aviaid team fielded questions about their external wet sump kit for the Ford FE 427 engine.

“We get lots of questions from guys building, say, a 1967 Mustang where they are installing a custom front suspension for performance driving, street/strip, and autocross, and they try to install their engine, and the first thing, it hits the oil pan,” says John Schwarz, President at Aviaid. “Our external oil pump and pan oiling system can alleviate clearance problems with many engine makes.”

Aviaid’s history shows they were the original supplier to Carroll Shelby’s 1960s-era 427 Cobras and Ford GT-40 cars. Their advanced lubrication system is available for both the early “FE” engine (360, 390, 427, 428 cubic inches) and the later “385” engine (429-460 cubic inches).

All Aviaid FE wet and dry sump oil pans are manufactured from steel and are cadmium plated to match the OEM Cobra/GT style. There are a wealth of dimmension selections for you to view on their website.

Today, the company manufactures two lines of externally-mounted oil pumps. The most familiar one is with the Series 1 competition oil pump, and the new Series 2 option with their Pro-Line oil pump. The new series is designed to incorporate specific features to address today’s requirements. All pan options incorporate internal baffling and a windage screen where required for optimum oil control.

Schwarz adds, “With the current popularity of the ProCharger applications, where the superchargers are located down and in front of the engine, fitment problems can be cured with our different oiling systems.”

The four-stage Aviaid series 1 and 2 pumps have one pressure and three scavenge sections; these sections are designed to fit between the pump drive and motor mounts. The pumps feature special mounts for the FE block and are driven from the back side of the damper through a special custom damper sleeve.

Aviaid has come a long way since those early days and now offers highly refined state-of-the-art dry sump and wet sump system components for big-block Ford engines.

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