PRI 2022: Fuel Injector Clinic Fuels Market With Quality Injectors

If there is one portion of a build that requires the utmost attention, it’s the fuel injectors. These small pressurized valves sit near the intake manifold and push fuel into the engine. While seemingly small for the job, an injector can make or break a build. This is why it’s important to research when purchasing high-performance fuel injectors. Not only to avoid potentially faulty injectors and knockoffs but more to make sure your engine is compatible, well before tuning begins. One resource for all of these important details is the  Fuel Injector Clinic.

Fuel Injector Clinic

Fuel Injector Clinic offers a variety of injectors that are right for your build.

Fuel Injector Clinic has spent a quarter of a million dollars developing a proprietary test bench that allows them to characterize injectors at an extremely high level. While each injector comes straight from Bosch and is E85 compatible, they also come with a lifetime warranty. Their investment in machinery has paid off as the team at Fuel Injector claims their injectors are matched for flow at less than 1-percent and less than 2-percent for dead times. This lack of variance means great ECU tuning data.

With 60 Years Of Combined Experience, Fuel Injector Clinic Is A Recognized Industry Leader

The process is rather simple, each injector is flowed and characterized on their proprietary flow bench. Once complete the injector is finished it is then serialized and entered into a large database of injectors flowing the exact same size. So, when a customer orders a set of injectors they receive injectors that are matched at the highest level for both flow and dead times.

While finding inexpensive injectors that claim to be sized appropriately for your build is not a difficult task, finding a tuner who is willing to not only take the gamble, but the time to calibrate your injector purchase will be much harder. Instead of taking chances on your engine’s health to save a few bucks, check out Fuel Injector Clinic’s wide range of injectors.

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