PRI 2022: Hot Shot’s Secret Spills Details On Gasoline Extreme

We’ve all seen the rise of ethanol in our gasoline at the pump. The ethanol content hovers around the 10- to 15-percent mark on most 87-octane fuels. While some owners treat the e10 and e15 as par for the course, what most don’t recognize is the tendency of these blends to gum up or turn into a varnish quicker than ethanol-free fuel. However, locating an ethanol-free filling station that isn’t avgas or marine related has proven to become more difficult over time. To counteract the damages that can be caused by this ethanol-based fuel Hot Shot’s Secret has now introduced its latest product the Gasoline Extreme with LX4.

gasoline extreme

The new bottle design allows the product to be poured into the tank without the use of a funnel.

Gasoline Extreme is a complete fuel system cleaner that improves fuel economy and power by making sure your entire fuel system is clean. This is done through a polyetheramine detergent that runs through the fuel system cleaning as it travels. The Gasoline Extreme is also infused with Hot Shot’s Secret’s LX4 which allows the product to prevent wear and protect the fuel system. As the Gasoline Extreme travels from the tank to the carburetor or injectors, it cleans and protects. Once it enters the combustion chamber it continues to prove to be a cleaning agent on the upper cylinders, pistons, and rings.

Hot Shot’s Secret Spills Details On Gasoline Extreme

Since Hot Shot’s Secret has recently merged with Gold Eagle, they have been able to create an all-new bottle featuring an easy pour spout to avoid having to insert a funnel into your filler neck. The 12-ounce bottle can treat 20 gallons of gasoline or every 10,000 miles. Although cleaning your fuel system sounds nice, the results tested by a third party showed a gain of 7.9 percent in mpg too. Not a bad bet for only $14.99!

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