PRI 2022: SPAL Turns Us Into Big Fans With Brushless Units

When it comes to pushing air out of a hot engine compartment, then the company SPAL easily comes to mind. However, it isn’t just the name brand that blows our attention its way. The company has been at the forefront of technology with its products by being innovative with its approach. As the entire industry has gravitated towards brushless motors in electric fuel pumps and fans, SPAL has led the charge from the cooling side.


This SPAL fan utilizes a brushless motor to keep speed and torque higher than a brushed setup.

It’s well known that brushless motors have an advantage over their brushed counterparts and from a performance aspect it can easily be seen. The brushless motors have an overall higher speed and torque, produce less noise, and have little to no power loss when compared to brushed motors. They also can last longer due to the lack of wear. While these things all have our attention, there is another aspect that isn’t talked about as much.

SPAL USA Brushless Fans Can Be Controlled With Variable Speed Optimization

Typically fans, both brushed and brushless, work off a thermal switch that tells the fan when to spin and when to stop. On a brushless setup, you have added benefit to control fan speed through variable fan speed controllers, something that SPAL has already worked out. However, the SPAL fans take it a step further and for those who utilize an aftermarket stand-alone ECU can actually program fan speed based on engine temperature or a variety of other inputs.

While the brushless motor is already a clear-cut winner in the electric motor field, the ability to program the fan to create the most optimal conditions for our engines is just another added value. So, while technology in engine building and tuning quickly advances, make sure your fans stay on par and optimize the benefits of SPAL’s brushless units.


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