PRI 2022: Stifflers Positions Products For 2023 Starting With F-100

The Ford F-100 crowd has changed course throughout the years. At first, owners utilized the F-100 as a workhorse for towing heavy loads and general truck chores, but once retired from work duty the trucks eventually found themselves becoming show trucks in the hot rod scene. However, in recent years owners have created a huge resurgence that pushes past the aesthetics and into the racing sector which requires performance and handling to stay competitive.

Stifflers Chassis & Suspension knows all about what it takes to make a vehicle handle well. The company has been focused on the F-150 and Mustang market since 2010 when the founder and head engineer, Brian Figg, started it. The Indianapolis, Indiana, based company has taken great pride in making products that work on-track and are 100 percent American-made. While the company has had an F-100 transmission crossmember out for a few years, they showcased the newest product replacing the older unit. It will be fully released in early 2023.


However, the F-100 is different from the more modern F-150 and Mustangs that Stifflers knows best. When Ford was building the 1948-1972 F-100 they, unfortunately, had several variations where the engine was offset from the center in the frame. At the time this wasn’t a problem, but it quickly became one when the aftermarket started producing chassis-stiffening products. Measurements ranging from 1/2-inch to 3-inches from center could be found in a dozen different F-100s. To alleviate owners from having to do their own measuring before purchasing a specific product, Stifflers designed a new transmission crossmember that accommodates all engine positions.

Stifflers Re-Designed F-100 Transmission Crossmember Available In 2023

The all-new design of the Stifflers transmission crossmember utilizes adjustable brackets on the end to allow the crossmember to be positioned with the drivetrain. You can even flip the brackets from left to right and gain even more inches off-center. The product will have two part numbers, one that accommodates the majority of transmissions found in muscle cars and trucks and the other that is geared towards the modern 6R80, 10R80, and MT-82 using an additional component to mount to the transmission.

As enthusiast continues to modify these classic trucks with more performance and improved handling characteristics, the truck is going to need a transmission crossmember that can withstand the new-found bravado. The Stifflers transmission crossmember will do just that. For those interested, the Stifflers transmission crossmember will be available in early 2023.

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