Product Showcase 2020: Edelbrock’s AVS2 Carbs With Black Powder-Coat

The AVS2 carburetor’s new black powder-coat finish is so new there isn’t even an image available yet. The black ID plate on the body of these carbs gives you an idea of what the black powder-coated carb will look like.

What do you do when the performance carb you want doesn’t match your non-shiny underhood theme? If you are looking for black powder-coating, Edelbrock will help you achieve that look with the AVS2 Series performance carburetor.

The AVS2 Series four-barrel was just introduced to performance enthusiasts just a couple of years ago at the 2017 SEMA Show. At that time only the 500cfm and 650cfm versions for small cubic-inch and dual-quad applications were available. The next year, Edelbrock followed that up with the new 800cfm AVS2 that opened the doors for optimum performance of high-horsepower applications on both small- and big-block engine applications. This year the AVS2 series is back … in black. 

By now the performance gurus have gotten a chance to shake out the Edelbrock carbs a bit. In fact, a recent post on Edelbrock’s blog details the industry pros that have reviewed the AVS2 carb with positive comments and observations. The blog post can be found by clicking here.

A close-up look at the AVS2 Annular Flow Booster shows the red-anodized ring with eight equally spaced orifices for improved fuel atomization.

While the posts are centered around the important performance aspects of the Edelbrock AVS2 series carb, the latest iteration in a black powder-coated finish is sure to make the appearance-minded builders happy. At this level and stage in project car building, maintaining a theme is as crucial as the overall performance is.

The typical downleg boosters (left) are located in the carburetor primaries and simply provide fuel down the center of the venturi. The AVS2 Annular Boosters (right) optimizes for better fuel atomization. This eliminates flat spots when the carburetor transitions from idle to part throttle, resulting in better low rpm performance.

A shiny carb in an all monochrome engine bay sticks out like a sore thumb. Edelbrock’s AVS2 in black powder coat eliminates that worry.

To see more details about the complete line of AVS3 carburetors, visit Edelbrock online at

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