SEMA 2020: Holley’s Game-Changing New Coyote Products

Each year, SEMA brings the latest and greatest to the forefront when manufacturers gather in Las Vegas to show off their offerings. Even with all the changes this year’s events have thrown our way, there is one thing that hasn’t changed: the performance aftermarket is going strong. Holley is one manufacturer that is in on the growth, and the team introduced us to three new products that they’ve brought to the Ford market recently.

Terminator X Coyote

You’ve probably heard of Holley’s Terminator X engine management systems, available for a wide array of engines. Well, late last year, Holley made it available for the Coyote as well. The Terminator X is available for Gen 1 and Gen 2 Coyotes (2011-2017) and is a plug-and-play system. It features genuine Bosch LSU 4.9 wideband control, and LEDs clearly convey on-board diagnostics for ECU power, engine run, wideband status, TPS calibration, crank signal, and cam signal. This allows the user to immediately identify critical engine issues at a glance.

The system features a built-in 1-bar MAP sensor and includes the necessary vacuum hose adapters. For those running boosted applications, the internal MAP sensor can be disabled in favor of an external LS MAP sensor. Installation is easy, as the harness comes with the connector terminated. There are four inputs: 12v, ground, 5v, and frequency. These can be used for things like additional pressure sensors, activation triggers for nitrous use, or a trans brake. The fuel and oil pressure inputs are pre-terminated. The four outputs include ground and PMW for accessories like fans, boost control, nitrous control, and more.

There are multiple boost control and nitrous control parameters, and several advanced tables available. A 3.5-inch handheld SD card allows for integrated datalogging. Easy-to-use Holley EFI tuning software will allow for the complete control of your Terminator X-equipped Coyote.

Pro Dash – Standalone

Holley’s Pro Dash digital dash is available in two sizes to work best for virtually any application from weekend warrior to professional racer — no ECU or fuel injection required. The small version (6.86 inches) is easily mounted in a console or on a dashboard, rollcage, or steering column. It features a full color touchscreen and a ten-LED programmable shift light with four-LED warning indicators for other sensor inputs. The larger version, or 12.3-inch version, is built for those needing a full view of critical data through programmable gauges, warning lights, switches, and more. The high-resolution multi-gauge touchscreen display features fully configurable layouts for the ultimate in customization. The screen is auto-dimming for day and night use, and allows for quick and easy swiping between multiple active screens (think tune, warm-up, race, drive, etc.). The virtual switch panel completely eliminates the need for any external toggle switches, and there are 16 default background skins pre-loaded with an unlimited amount of options for importing custom layouts.

The plug-and-play features are pre-configurated in the harness and include dash layouts for oil and fuel pressure, coolant and air temperature, turn signals, high beams, fuel level, engine vacuum and boost. Additional input and output functionality include 13 multi-configurable inputs and four ground switched outputs, as well as two speed channels for RPM and driveshaft speed, and two more channels for any other speed input.

External logging to a USB flash drive is also available for easy file management, and on-screen playback allows for the review of vital run information directly on the dash screen. Full analysis of data is available via laptop by downloading the file to a USB drive and viewing it with the free datalog viewer on Holley’s website.

The device features built-in GPS that has speed, odometer, and trip odometer functions, as well as an integrated datalogger with 1 GB of internal log memory (up to 32 GB with the addition of micro-SD card). All of this technology is protected by a rugged, water-resistant case constructed from cast aluminum. The software is fully upgradable with future enhancements and can easily be converted for use with Holley EFI to monitor up to 238 real-time values such as RPM, TPS, and boost.

Included with both versions are harnesses and cables, mounting hardware, a USB memory stick, and CAN terminator, as well as a GPS antenna.

Coyote Swap Oil Pan

Swapping a Gen 1 or Gen 2 Coyote into a Fox-body? As the years go on, the process of swapping is made easier by new offerings on the market. Holley’s new Coyote Swap Oil Pan maintains the oil capacity of the Coyote in its natural habitat (8 quarts), so you won’t have to worry about adequate oil supply for street or factory-stock-type racing applications. Holley’s new design utilizes the stock Coyote engine gasket/baffle assembly for factory grade sealing and baffling/windage characteristics. Included are a lower sump baffle plate and proprietary design pick-up tube/O-ring. A -10 O-ring boss (ORB) port bung is located at the front of the oil pan to make connecting turbo drain plumbing easy, and a bung on the left side of the sump has been included in the design to accommodate for the stock Mustang Coyote oil level sensor. The oil pan features steel construction and is hand-welded, with a zinc-plated finish for protection from corrosion both inside and outside.

The low-profile design of the front pan geometry allows it to be used with a stock 1984-2004 Mustang K-member and specific aftermarket K-members from AJE, Team Z, Maximum Motorsports, and UPR for 1979-2004 Mustangs. Hooker Blackheart headers and other Coyote-swap headers are compatible when installed on 1979-2004 Mustangs.

For more information and to check out the rest of Holley’s product offerings, visit them online at

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