SEMA 2020: New DeatschWerks Products to Feed Your Ford

SEMA 2020: New DeatschWerks Products to Feed Your Ford

In the months leading up to SEMA, DeatschWerks has been busy perfecting a variety of new products to keep engines of every make and model well-fed. Our friends at DeatschWerks took some time out of their busy schedule at SEMA360 to sit down and show us the latest offerings, most of which are destined for the universal market. These products are still in production, with plans to release them for sale in the first quarter of 2021, with the exception of the X2 Series Mustang Module, which is available for order now.

650iL Brushless

First up is DeatschWerks’ 650iL Brushless fuel pump, which moves 650 liters per hour at 40 psi. The pump is designed to support between 1,000 and 1,200-horsepower, has been engineered for both in-line and in-tank applications, and features 8AN ORB inlet and outlet. Simply plug and play to work with DeatschWerks’ brushless controllers! These pumps are compatible with all fuels, including E98 ethanol, diesel, and methanol, and will retail for $699.


DeatschWerks’ Boost-A-Pump features digital amplification technology and an intuitive click-thumbwheel for on-the-fly programming. It has been equipped with a password protected lockout function and is rated for continuous use at 40 amps and 22 volts. It, too, has plug-and-play compatibility with DeatchWerks’ brushless controllers. It retails for $499.

100R Octane Booster

The new 100R Octane Booster from DeatschWerks has been formulated to provide up to 100 RON (Research Octane Number) of octane boost to 10 gallons of fuel per 32oz bottle. Among the advantages provided by using this octane booster are the following: resistance to knock with increased timing and boost pressure, cleaner fuel injectors, and improved throttle response and acceleration. Deatschwerks says that the team has proven on the dyno that this octane booster makes more power than the competition. DeatschWerks’ Tim Stear also told us that you’ll be able to see performance from this octane booster without the need for a tune or any modifications. It is not street legal, and is for track use only. One bottle retails for $26.99.

DWR1000c Compact Regulator

DeatschWerks’ new DWR1000c Compact Regulator supports up to four -6AN inlets, with a single -6AN outlet. It has a 1/8-inch NPT (national pipe thread), and supports up to 1,000 horsepower. It features 2 psi per-turn precision ball bearing adjustment, which Tim tells us is “extremely smooth,” and a multi-directional bracket with minimum footprint to allow for maximum installation flexibility. It has been designed to work with all fuels including ethanol, methanol, and diesel, and retails for $119. You can choose between a titanium or flat black finish.

Fuel Cell Surge Tank

The new Fuel Cell Surge Tank from DeatschWerks features a 10AN ORB outlet and 6AN ORB return, with a standard 8×10 24-bolt fill plate bolt pattern. This tank can be used with a single pump or up to four DW100, DW200, DW300, and DW400 pumps, or any 39mm fuel pump, plus one lift pump. It can be configured for single-stage or dual-stage use and supports upwards of 2,500 horsepower, depending on the pumps chosen. The rollover check valve is available separately. The tank is built from hard anodized aluminum and is safe for use with pump gas, race gas, and E85. Drop-in fitment makes installation simple. It will retail for $699.

X2 Series Mustang Module

Available for purchase now, the X2 Series Mustang Module from DeatschWerks fits all 2011-2019 Mustangs. The module is available in two variations: one with dual DW400s to flow in excess of 800 lph (liters per hour) for applications producing up to 1,500+ horsepower, and another with accommodation for two pumps, either 29mm or 46mm, which you provide separately. It also includes integration of a return fuel line and retention of all of the functionality of the OE module.

The DW X2 Series Mustang Module consists of an anodized aluminum top-hat with a -10AN feed and -6AN return, a center section, and an OE lower bucket. It is designed for use in return-style fuel systems only. Pricing starts at $459 for the “BYOP” (bring your own pump) variation.

Keep your eyes on the DeatschWerks website for more information when these products become available!

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