SEMA 2014: Aeromotive Debuts Dual Phantom For High Horsepower Cars

Aeromotive’s Phantom Fuel systems have revolutionized the way enthusiasts can upgrade their fuel systems. Rather than welding a sump into an old tank, or even having a custom tank built, the Phantom system allows owners to upgrade to a reliable, high output fuel system, that can handle the needs of enthusiasts running today’s engine technologies.

For those projects where a single fuel pump just won’t do the job, Aeromotive is releasing their new Dual Phantom system. “We started to get a lot of feedback from our customers looking for a higher output system in the Phantom package,” says Aeromotive’s Jared Cox.

Featuring dual 340 liter per hour pumps the Dual Phantom can handle plenty of power. In carbureted applications the Dual Phantom can support up to 1,700 hp with forced induction. If EFI is in the mix with forced induction, the Dual Phantom can handle as much as 1,400 hp.

The Dual Phantom incorporates a larger baffle and basket system in order to keep fuel around the pump. Single Phantom system pump baskets would be dried up rather quickly by the Dual Phantom’s huge volume capabilities. Just like other Phantom systems, the Dual Phantom is adjustable for fuel tank depths of 6 to 11 inches. An extension kit is available to take it all the way up to 20 inches.

Just like the rest of the Phantom line the Dual Phantom uses -6 fittings, and Aeromotive offers adapters to step the line size up from -6 to -8 AN.

  • Dual 340 LPH pumps
  • Installs in applications 6-11 inches deep
  • Extension kit available for up to 20 inches
  • Up to 1,700 HP carburetor with forced induction
  • Up To 1,400 HP EFI with forced induction
  • -6 AN port fittings


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