SEMA 2016: A Clean Engine is a Powerful Engine, Says Gumout


You have seen the commercials … Sludge and grime slow down engines. But that’s not all. Rust and corrosion of metal parts create friction in the upper cylinder. Interestingly, one of the most common causes of performance loss is fuel. Even high-quality fuel leaves behind carbon deposits that build up on engine parts, costing performance. Ultimately the result is reduced horsepower, hesitation, rough idle and poor fuel economy.


Power and performance comes from the correct mix of fuel and air arriving in the combustion chamber at the right time. Gumout, one of the leading companies in engine and fuel additives, says that its products “bond to carbon deposits on injectors and valves, and disperse them from the fuel system to restore performance and fuel economy.”

Another enemy of performance is the intense heat of the combustion chamber, making it the most difficult part of the engine to clean. There is carbon buildup on piston tops and cylinder heads, creating hot spots, which causes pre-ignition, and potential engine damage. Gumout has the solution with fuel additives that use PEA (polyether-amine) to clean and restore performance while reducing emissions.

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Gumout has made a competitive comparison to Sea Foam and other types of additives and say its Multi-System Tune-Up is the most advanced engine treatment technology available.


“Our Multi-System Tune Up is scientifically formulated with a powerful combination of cleaning and conditioning agents,” said Rusty Waples from Gumout. “This powerful new treatment is proven in ASTM test to improve performance when used in gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, E85 and motor oil. We use stronger concentrations of ingredients to ensure their effectiveness and rigorously test every formula to meet tough performance and safety standards.”

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