SEMA 2016: Holley Takes The Wraps Off Of Self Tuning Fuel Injection

IMG_7631There are a lot of people out there that still fear the mysteries of fuel injection. After all, it can be a daunting task to learn to even wire and plumb a car, much less learn how sensors operate and how they influence a VE or Power Enrichment table. But for those out there that want to make the switch to fuel injection but are worried about the details, worry no more because Holley has just the solution.

Introducing Holley’s new Sniper and Terminator Stealth lines of EFI. These complete systems bolt on to any four barrel manifold, just as an old school carburetor would, giving you the benefits of EFI such as better cold starts, more precise fuel metering, and better fuel mileage without the added headache of revamping your entire system.


“This system give you all the classic looks of a carburetor combined with all the modern advantages of fuel injection,” said Blane Burnett of Holley. “It makes it easy to retain that old-school look but have modern performance.”

But by now you’re probably wondering what is so easy about the system. Doesn’t it still need to be tuned? Well, that is the most beautiful part about the system. It has a three-inch touchscreen that walks you through the initial setup of the system, asking you basic questions about the engine’s displacement and cam specs along the way. This gives the computer enough info to write its own base tune and get the engine fired.


Once the car is up and running, a wideband oxygen sensor helps dial the fine tuning in, and the best part is the system does this all on its own. You install the fuel injection system, answer the questions, and you’re off to the races—literally. And all of this can be had for as little as $999, which is a bargain if you’ve looked into other fuel injection systems.

“We will have two versions, one that will support up to 600 horsepower with four injectors, and one that will support up to 1,200 horsepower with eight injectors,” said Burnett. “This system will realistically support any build you want.”


Hard to beat a self-tuning system when it will support all the power you want to make for under $1,000. Burnett said that pricing was a key factor when developing the system.

“They system is just trying to bring all the benefits of EFI down to a lower pricepoint for people that are wanting to play in the same space,” said Burnett.

MSD Black

Also new to the Holley/MSD team for this year is MSD Black—which is exactly what it sounds like. All of your favorite MSD components have been coated in a liberal dousing of black.


“Everyone seems to be gravitating toward the black look under the hood, red is a little too racey for some, so we wanted to offer something for the guys that wanted a little less in that area,” Burnett said.

And we have a hard time disagreeing there. In our opinion, black almost always looks classy and you can never have enough of it.

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