SEMA 2017: Baer Reminds Us Just How Custom Calipers Can Be

When it comes to brakes, there are few companies that are willing to offer such an expansive range of fitment for nearly any vehicle with this level of customization. One of those however, is Baer. Taking their experience from more than 20 years, they try to push the boundaries of performance brake technology in an effort to make sure your ride looks amazing. To do so, Baer offers several things that help set them apart from others.

First off, you can order Baer calipers in darn near ANY color-and we don’t mean just red, black, or silver. They offer a huge selection of colors and custom finishes that will match the look you’re trying to achieve. Still don’t see the color you want? They also offer custom color and finishes that their technical sales specialist can help with. But color isn’t the only “custom” part of their calipers.

Have a race team, car name, or logo? Baer also offers custom machined logos on the caliper. These aren’t stickers or decals, or plates slapped on. With machined logos on your brake calipers, you’ll show off just how unique your ride is along with dedication to your brand. To show off their brakes, Baer had a Corvette at SEMA with matching front and rear brakes along with machined calipers-check out the 1963 restomod Corvette here.

Of course beauty isn’t only skin deep for Baer. To make sure that proper brake bias is set correctly, Baer takes the time to ensure that big brake kits they send out have the valving and pistons whether you’re purchasing a front only kit, or all four corners. Even cooler is the fact that Baer can provide matching front and rear caliper and rotor sizes. Since more braking is done with the fronts, big brake kits are usually larger up front, which might not be aesthetically pleasing to you. However, Baer can make the same size kit for the front and rear, while placing smaller piston sizes in the rear to keep brake bias within spec to ensure your car brakes as hard as it can while still acting predictably! For more information, check out Baer.

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