SEMA 2021: Kooks Is Shortening Up Its Header Lineup

SEMA 2021: Kooks Is Shortening Up Its Header Lineup

It’s no surprise that emissions are becoming a much bigger concern in the performance aftermarket. Since the definition of a street car has gotten blurry in the past decade or two, building a car strictly for the track isn’t as popular as it used to be. Kooks, which has always been a proponent of high-performance catalytic converters, has been adding short-tube headers to its lineup, in order to keep up with current market trends.

The Torque Series is our truck line, and the Super Street series is the car lineup of shorty headers,” explains Tyler Sandahl of Kooks Headers. “The way things are going in the industry, we need to develop these emissions-legal short-tube headers. We want to have short-tube applications for everything we have long-tubes for. We’ll be working on CARB EOs for them so that we can sell things to CA and not have to worry about it.”

In that vein, Kooks has developed a set of shorty headers in the Torque Series for the 7.3L F-250 — the Godzilla in its OEM habitat. “Godzilla swap headers will be coming,” laughs Sandahl. “That is obviously the next big thing, and we’ll be supporting that. Speaking of swap headers, Kooks also had its line of stainless Coyote-swapped Fox Body exhaust products on display.

“The Coyote-Fox swap headers come in two versions and both are designed around the Maximum Motorsports K-member and motor mounts. One is for automatics, and is set up around the 10R80. If they’ll go around that, they’ll go around anything. The manual trans version will clear everything but a Quick Time bellhousing. That’ll need a little massaging,” Sandahl explains.

While Kooks is moving to expand their short-tube, emissions-compliant products, they are in no way leaving their race-oriented products behind.

Additionally, Kooks has a system designed specifically to comply with NMRA Coyote Stock rules, with 1-3/4-inch primary tubes, an X-pipe, mufflers, and turndowns that have the exhaust gasses exiting within the specific distance of the axle centerline, as defined by the rulebook. So whether you are building a street car or a race car, Kooks has applications for you.

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