SEMA 2022: Coker Tire Redline Radial Makes For Period-Correct Rubber

SEMA 2022: Coker Tire Redline Radial Makes For Period-Correct Rubber

When it comes to the period correctness of a project, one place a lot of people are willing to compromise is in the tires. We’ve come a long way in the past decades when it comes to tire technology, and even if someone could actually find tires from the era they are recreating, time and rubber aren’t really friends. At best, 50-plus-year-old tires would be brutally unsafe, if they were even able to hold air. Enter Coker Tire, which takes modern manufacturing and tire technology and recreates the redline tires of yesteryear.

redline radial

The Coker Redline Radial tire’s all-season tread design and modern radial construction allow you to safely do what these cars were meant to do: drive fast and look good.

When we’re talking about redline tires, we’re talking about classic muscle cars. That means heavy, overpowered hunks of iron that place tons of stress on the rubber connecting them to the road. Coker doesn’t take that challenge lightly, incorporating modern radial construction, an all-season tread design, and an “S” speed rating. Combine that with period-correct “BF Goodrich” aesthetics and markings, and you have the perfect tire for your classic muscle car.

“We’ve just come out with this particular size of BF Goodrich Redline Radial tire,” says Coker Tire’s Huston Gibson. “It being a 255 tire makes it great for a bigger tire in the rear. The new size extends the product line so we can match up front and rears in the classic muscle car staggered stance.” The 255/70-15 size offers a nice tread width to fit on a 15×6.5-inch to 15×9-inch wheel, and the 29.1-inch overall diameter fills up the wheel wells nicely.

Luckily for those of you not willing to compromise with current rubber on your period-correct builds, you don’t have to, thanks to Coker Tire.

redline radial

The larger 255/70-15 tire not only provides a nice, wide contact patch for your muscle car, but a nice tall overall diameter to fill up your rear wheel well and give your car that classic raked stance.

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