SEMA 2022: COMP Cams Goes Big On Godzilla Cams And Valvetrain

SEMA 2022: COMP Cams Goes Big On Godzilla Cams And Valvetrain

It’s no surprise that there is a lot of love around the 2022 SEMA Show for Ford’s 7.3-liter “Godzilla” engine. One company showing the platform a ton of love is the Edelbrock Group, and more specifically, COMP Cams. They had their lineup of shelf camshafts for the beefy pushrod on display, along with some other associated valvetrain goodies.

“After extensive dyno testing, we came up with three camshafts,” says Edelbrock Group’s Sales Manager, Chris Mays. “You can see the steps as far as the grinds and requirements, with the full cam-phaser system still on, or using a limiter kit that we developed.” Speaking of the cam phaser system, COMP has developed both a limiter kit that restricts the factory range of movement and a complete lockout kit that completely eliminated variable valve timing from the engine altogether.

“That allows for a more aggressive camshaft profile while not worrying about piston-to-valve clearance,” Mays explains. You start moving the cam with the phaser and you can get into clearance issues as you increase the profile.” And increase the profile they have.

Godzilla Cams

The first three grinds released all have very specific levels of performance — mild, medium, and hot. However, the “mild” gains are still pretty substantial, according to Chris Mays.

Each of the three grinds has a very specific purpose. The first grind is designed to add performance across the board while maintaining full cam-phaser functionality and not requiring tuning (but tuning is still recommended to reach maximum potential). The next step up has a little more exhaust lift and some additional duration and can retain stock valve springs. However, it does require a phase limiter. Then the big boy cam adds significant lift and duration, and requires aftermarket valve springs and either a phase-limiter or a full-on lockout kit.

Godzilla valve springs

COMP’s conical valve spring kit will allow the Godzilla to spin harder and control a lot more valve lift than the OEM springs.

“We wanted to start with two NSR (no springs required) profiles because we wanted to make sure there were options without having to alter the valvetrain too much but still give you 50 to 60 horsepower,” Mays explains. That last profile is for someone who is looking to really play with the engine in a custom application. Thankfully, COMP is also offering a complete conical valve spring kit for the Godzilla that is good for higher RPM and up to .675-inch of lift.

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