SEMA 2022: New Lift-Pump Compatible Fuel Sending Unit For Super Duty

fuel sending unit

The new fuel-sending unit from S&B is compatible will all aftermarket lift pumps and allows you to use all the fuel in your Super Duty tank, as it allows you to “drive to empty” as S&B states.

Have you installed an aftermarket lift pump under your 2017 through 2022 Power Stroke-motivated Super Duty? If so, you will really want to check this out. While aftermarket lift pumps do provide more fuel to your diesel engine, they also run into problems when your fuel tank gets low. Basically, they starve for fuel, and we all know what can happen next.

To remedy this, the folks at S&B Filters have developed a sending unit that allows you to drive with a tank that is nearly empty. This OE-style sending unit is completely plug-and-play, which means there is no need to modify your OEM tank or sending unit.

“Historically, when you install an aftermarket lift pump, you needed to modify your stock sending unit,” states Ryan McClahan of S&B. This modification required you to empty the OE sending unit bucket. This eliminates the need to do that.”

According to S&B, this sending unit will allow you to “drive to empty”. None of us likes to run our diesel with less than a quarter of a tank of fuel, but it happens. When it does, this sending unit means no more issues when that level gets low. Basically, no more low fuel level issues.

The S&B sending unit uses a Venturi Jet Pump that is powered by your aftermarket external lift pump to keep the reservoir full, even with extremely low fuel levels in the tank. A full reservoir means fuel to your engine and no check engine lights.

As mentioned, this unit is plug-and-play, and there is no need to modify anything with your tank. You can keep everything intact and completely stock. Easy connections are made via the OEM quick connectors in the kit to install the S&B sending unit in your stock or S&B Tank.

Finally, the S&B sending unit has been tested in a wide range of low-fuel level scenarios and is made of OEM materials that are designed to withstand an aggressive fuel environment.

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