SEMA 2022: Ridetech Debuts Fox Body Front SLA Conversion Kit

SEMA 2022: Ridetech Debuts Fox Body Front SLA Conversion Kit

There’s no denying that the Fox Body Mustang is one of, if not the single greatest street car drag racing platforms to have ever rolled off an assembly line. However, the broad appeal of the Mustang means that there are plenty of Fox Body fans who prefer to carve corners instead of going in a straight line. For those folks, Ridetech has something really awesome — a new short-long arm (SLA) front suspension kit that completely revamps frontend geometry, while still working with stock K-members.

“This kit eliminates the stock strut and goes to a true coilover setup,” says Ridetech’s Jason Brady. “The lower mounting point of the shock goes to the stock location, and will work with the stock cradle, as well as most aftermarket cradles.” Using an upper control arm mount and bespoke billet aluminum upper control arm they have developed, the Ridetech kit creates a proper SLA front suspension.

“It’s got a ton of camber gain and that was our main purpose in designing it and is a big step to make these cars handle. Most of these cars were built for drag racing not going around corners. We’re trying to make it go around corners,” Brady says. “By getting rid of the stock McPherson struts, we get 1.3 degrees of camber gain per inch of travel in this system. It’s nice because you don’t need to run a bunch of static camber or caster when the car is just sitting there.”

Fox Body SLA Suspension

Ridetech’s SLA kit is built around the company’s AFX spindle, which uses S550 hubs. The billet upper control arm and tubular lower make for a true double-wishbone front suspension for the Fox Body Mustang.

Besides the obvious functional geometry improvements, the new setup allows for massive rubber with the stock bodywork. We have fit up to a 275 on the front of it in testing with the stock fenders so that’s pretty nice,” reveals Brady. Another benefit of the kit is because of the included spindle, which came from Ridetech’s existing inventory. “This whole kit is based around the geometry of our AFX spindle that we currently sell. It uses a modern hub — from the rear of the S550 Mustang. So you can bolt on an S550 brake package and get killer brakes for cheap. Go to the parts store, or a junkyard, and get the brake kit, and you’re done.”

The setup does require a special front swaybar and mounts, but retains the original steering rack design and location, with the added benefit of eliminating almost all of the bump-steer with aftermarket K-members. The Ridetech SLA front suspension is in production now and should be available for purchase by January 1.

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