SEMA 2022: Top Street Performance Revives FE Parts From Extinction

If you’re an old-school Ford guy then you probably know the letters F and E quite well. When combined, they signify one of the most significant engines that Ford made, doing so from 1958 to 1976. While the FE engine was easily found in the truck market, the highlight of the engine came within its racing days. The engine found itself in championship after championship with diehard Ford fans seeing the spectacle firsthand. However, that was over half a century ago and while the products still exist, they are becoming more and more rare.

Top Street

Decades after the FE’s success, parts have become harder to find in good condition. Now you can buy new products from Top Street Performance instead of scouring the salvage yards.

There are a few people who still enjoy the FE’s great racing success and wish to continue to carry products on. One such company is Top Street Performance from Santa Fe Springs, California. When trying to determine which products have exited the market and should make a reentrance, it was noticed that the intake manifold from these early engines were impossible to purchase new. The same for the timing cover. It was at this point they decided to build new pieces based on complete OE specifications.

At SEMA 2022, the company unveiled a small handful of parts that cater to the cult-like following the FE engine has. Its aim is to continue pushing new products on the market that have become extinct over time. Instead of outsourcing production, finishing, or shipping, every product that Top Street Performance makes is coming from its California warehouse.

So before you head to the local Pick-And-Pull junkyard in hopes that the engine bay has not already been pillaged through, remember that Top Street Performance might have what you’re looking for new and on the shelf. Consider them the California connection for your FE desires.

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