SEMA2018: Pedders Mustang And Hot Rod Performance Suspension Kits

SEMA2018: Pedders Mustang And Hot Rod Performance Suspension Kits

Well known as the leading shock absorber in Australia, Pedders Suspension is now making significant inroads stateside as Pedders USA. Pedders is bringing its wealth of knowledge all the way across the pond for enthusiasts looking for a cost-effective performance suspension solution. Though Pedders USA doesn’t have the extensive catalog of its Aussie counterparts in-stock as of yet, they have brought over some of the more popular combinations for U.S. enthusiasts, including some in-demand braking components.

During our visit to the Pedders booth, we met with Daniel Tong, who showed us some of the new products hitting its distribution network. Obviously, we are focused on performance, and Daniel had some great, new performance-oriented shocks to show us.

Something For The Hot Rods

The first shock Daniel showed us was the TrakRyder eXtreme XA Adjustable Coilover (PED-160092). This coilover gives a custom-car owner the ability to give their car a more aggressive street ride with exceptional ride and handling characteristics. If you are someone who likes to take your old hot rod on the autocross or hit the canyons on the weekend, this shock allows you to lower the car without changing the coil pre-load or lowering the spring seat position. With 30 positions to adjust the compression and rebound and six different spring rates to choose from, you are sure to find a sweet spot to liven up the hot rod.

Mustangs, Mustangs, And More Mustangs

Parts for Ford Mustangs are always an easy sell. It seems like there are a billion of them out there and a billion different ways to modify them. For the S550 owners from 2015-2019 cars without MagneRide, Pedders has you covered in a variety of ways to suit your driving needs.

This is the SportsRyder Kit (PED-803051) for the 2015-2019 Ford Mustang. Pedders now offers this kit along with a sway bar kit (PED-814098) for a complete suspension upgrade (PED-814107) for around $1,200.

SportsRyder Complete Suspension Kit (PED-814107)

For those looking for a direct OE-replacement that easily gives you an ideal solution to lower your S550, there is now a complete kit that is actually two kits in one. The first part of the kit is a matched set of pre-assembled front suspension components from the SportsRyder EziFit kit (PED-803051). This includes gas struts, lowered coil springs, bump stops, boot kits, and strut mounts. The matched shocks and springs give the car a more aggressive stance as well increased performance without the harshness and increased maintenance of coilovers. Along with that, you get the Pedders SportsRyder Sway Bar kit (PED-814098). It utilizes a 35mm front bar and 25mm rear bar, both with 3-point adjustability to fine-tune the ride. The bars are powdercoated in Pedders red for corrosion-free service.

This entire kit will hit the market somewhere in the $1,000 to $1,200 range. That is a tremendous deal for what is essentially an entire suspension package. It is also worth mentioning that the kit comes with a 2-year/24,000 mile warranty.


SportRyder eXtreme XA Coilover Kit (PED-162099)

If you are looking to kick it up a notch, Pedders already offers a kit for those wanting the next level in performance driving — the SportRyder eXtreme XA Coilover kit (PED-162099). It comes with everything you need to get increased adjustability but still have a precise steering and alignment setup. The front coilovers come fully assembled with the adjustable camber plates and roller bearings already installed. All four adjustable monotube dampers are fully threaded, and offer 30 levels of dampening (single adjustable). This setup provides for full-camber adjustment. We installed this setup (along with sway bars) on an EcoBoost ‘Stang last year, and the results were outstanding, check the article out HERE.

SportsRyder Supercar Adjustable Coilover kit (PED-164099)

For the hardcore Mustang enthusiast who wants to track their car and likes to dial-in the ride handling, you can choose the new S550 2015 to 2019 SportsRyder Supercar Adjustable Coilover kit (PED-164099). The coilovers come equipped with remote canisters, providing 50-percent more shock volume for those long track sessions. Compression and rebound can be adjusted independently, with full height adjustment from the base mounts, which maintains full shock bump and droop travel on all four corners. Again, the front coilovers come fully assembled with adjustable camber plates and roller bearing upper spring seats.

Making a Subaru Sing

The Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S, and Toyota 86 (all basically the same platform) are a hot little car at the moment. They are an excellent little performer right off the showroom floor; we’ve seen a ton of them at autocross and track day events. Like any stock car though, they could stand an upgrade to handle better.

SportsRyder EziFit Kit – Subaru BRZ 2012-Present (PED-803050)

Pedders offers one of the easiest suspension swap kits on the market with its EziFit Strut and Spring Kit (PED-803050) for these cars. The kit comes with everything you need already assembled to properly increase the look and performance of your vehicle without the hassle of having to put it all together. The springs, struts, bump stops, boots, and offset strut mounts are all ready to go. You could change your entire suspension in a few hours. The struts are a nitrogen gas pressurized twin-tub design with an anti-bleed back upper seal and a sintered iron piston. The kit also comes with a 2-year, 25,000-mile warranty.

Additional Offerings

These are just a few of the performance-oriented highlights from the booth, but no matter what kind of car or truck you drive, if you are looking to upgrade your OE suspension, keep an eye on the Pedders USA website to see if they have a kit to fit your needs. Pedders prides itself on fully assembled kits, to make the install go as easy as possible. It is adding new SKUs all the time. For instance, check out this big brake kit for the new Ford Ranger!

One additional little tip Daniel gave us to pass on: if you don’t see something on the U.S. website, check the Australian website. If it is listed there, they might be able to get it for you here in the U.S.

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