2015 Mustang Debuts In Blacklist Commercial

Ford is looking to draw in thousands of new buyers for the 2015 Mustang. With the car going global, and Ford looking to attract younger buyers to dealerships, we can expect an all out onslaught of 2015 Mustang product placements in the coming months.

One of the first was just last week on NBC’s Blacklist. Ford obviously worked closely with NBC execs and Blacklist producers to pull the one off. In the TV show the character Tom Keen has just double crossed his government agent wife. With Tom tied up, and about to be interrogated, the show cut to it’s bottom of the hour commercial break.

The commercial features the same actor playing Keen talking about the character, as he walks through a parking garage to a covered car. There’s talk about a dark side, and then something about intentions being noble. It’s a play towards the psychology of owning a car like the Mustang, and definitely to male buyers. Have the dark side looking for performance and competition, and the noble ready to swoop in with all that power to dazzle the ladies.

It was all perfectly timed to coincide with the same moment in the TV show, and that may be the most effective part of the ad. Not only is it a commercial for the Mustang, but the production values of the shoot mimic those of the show, possibly having some viewers unaware that they’re watching a commercial for at least the first few seconds, and instead thinking they’re getting an inside look at Tom Keen’s world.

Is it smart marketing -probably. Will it work -maybe. Pricing and reviews aren’t even out for this car yet, and we’d have to say that this particular commercial was designed to appeal to the 25-45 male audience. Would Tom Keen from the Blacklist drive a Mustang? We don’t know the answer to that one yet, but you can expect to see many more 2015 Mustang product placements in the coming months as Ford banks big on this car.

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