2022 F-150 Blast Into The 11s Without Forced Induction

Kelly Aiken is the owner of KellTrac Innovations and currently has the fastest naturally aspirated 2022 Ford F-150. In stock format, the F-150 ran a time of 13.48 at 102 mph, but that wasn’t good enough for Aiken. He started tinkering with and changing up the factory setup to go after the naturally aspirated record for 2022 and newer F-150s. 



“There is no better way to ensure you are offering the best products in your segment than to own, test, and use the product yourself to accomplish goals. The first step is learning when, where, and why it is needed,” explains Aiken. “In this case, I ordered the 2022 truck to my specifications for ultimate performance. I started with a four-by-four base model equipped with the Coyote engine. The only option I added was the tow package.”

Aiken tested everything from tire height, various shift points, and even the classic tailgate on versus off proceedure. Since the truck landed in his hands, he’s made back-to-back passes to see variances, even if it included changing filters between passes. 

Maximizing the 5-liter’s potential, Aiken added a GT350 intake manifold, K&N air filter, MAK Y-pipe, Livernois cat-back exhaust, and Hoosier tires. The F-150 also had 300 pounds of weight removed before it clicked off a 12.47 at 106.49 mph. After the 12-second pass, Aiken got a Livernois tune and lucked out with better weather in dry cold air. 


“Although the Dragy confirmed an 11-second pass, I had to make it official. I went to Bradenton Motorsports Park and in the 700-foot density altitude I ran an official 11.79 at 116.13 mph, but also had my best MPH that day of 117.60 on an 11.80 run,” says Aiken. 

Aiken informed us that his next goal is to add a Whipple supercharger and start going after all of 2022 F-150 records. We excited to see just how fast Aiken will be taking this 2022 F-150 in the future.

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