Early 2024 Mustang GT Gets A Corsa Exhaust And Impresses On The Dyno

Early 2024 Mustang GT Gets A Corsa Exhaust And Impresses On The Dyno

Always looking to stay current with the latest Mustangs, Lethal Performance has both a 2024 Mustang GT and a Dark Horse on order, but before those vehicles arrived, the company gained early access to a customer’s 2024 Mustang GT configured with the base exhaust and an automatic transmission.

To test the fitment and sample the sound of Corsa Performance’s Xtreme Catback system for these cars, they quickly installed the system and strapped it down to the rollers for a quick video. To avoid the factory speed limiter, the car was run in sixth gear, which carries a 1.275:1 ratio, on a Dynojet chassis dynamometer.

Lethal Performance got its hands on a 2024 Mustang GT with the standard exhaust and an automatic transmission. Jared Rosen helped test-fit the new Corsa Performance Xtreme Catback system before putting the car on the dyno. (Photo Credit: Lethal Performance)

Unfortunately, they didn’t baseline the car first, but we know that the factory Active Valve Performance exhaust is good for another 6 horsepower and 3 lb-ft of torque at the flywheel. There isn’t a lot of restriction in the factory after-cat system, but surely the Corsa system, which Lethal helped develop, was good for a little more power. Otherwise, the car was as-delivered from Ford.

On its best run, it belted out 420.73 horsepower and 368.61 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheels, which is about 20 horsepower stronger than the outgoing Mustang GT with the Gen 3 Coyote, and about 11 horsepower better than the outgoing Mach 1.

“I was very impressed with what the car made. I love seeing a new Ford product come out of the gate strong putting down solid numbers,” Jared Rosen, President & Chief Executive Officer at Lethal Performance says. “Knowing what stock S550s make on the dyno, it was a solid increase in power over the previous-gen Coyote. Typically the S550s put down around the 390 range so 420 at the wheels put a smile on my face.”

2024 Mustang GT

With the exhaust installed, they strapped the S650 down to a Dynojet to find out what the seventh-generation ’Stang could do. Its best run was an impressive 420.73 horsepower and 368.61 lb-ft of torque, which is a bit more power and less torque than subsequent S650 GTs that have hit the rollers.

We are sure to see a flurry of dyno tests of stock 2024 Mustangs in all configurations as the cars arrive on dealer lots and enthusiasts start working to improve their performance, and that is what Team Lethal has planned for its 2024 Mustang GT as well.

“I probably sound like a broken record here as you’ve interviewed for many years with many of my cars asking the same thing, so it shouldn’t be a surprise when I say that we plan to put a Whipple supercharger on it,” Jared laughs. “Dustin (Whipple) has been working on this kit for quite a while and I know it’s gonna be a solid performer — especially with the all-new Gen-6 rotors.”

Adding any mods to these cars may be tricky at first, as Ford has enhanced the security of its powertrain control modules and added the new wrinkle of over-the-air updates to the seventh-gen Mustangs. That won’t dissuade those who want to push the envelope, however.

2024 Mustang GT

When Lethal Performance receives its 2024 Mustang GT look out for a flurry of upgrades, including a new Whipple supercharger.

“As we know with these newer cars and technology having the ability to tune or flash a car like this can be a big issue for many. However, Whipple has all the tools to make it happen and I just can’t wait to hear that blower scream once our car arrives and we get it installed,” Jared adds. “Other plans for the car will be one of our Lethal Performance LPXHD clutches, a bunch of our carbon upgrades, and any other supporting mods we’ll need to get this thing down the track and into the nines.”

A new round of mods and firsts are coming with the seventh-generation stallions, and we can’t wait to see what they can do.

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