600 Horsepower Capable? Roush Teases RS3 Mustang

It is already March of 2011, which means that a new crop of improved aftermarket muscle cars should be coming along any time now. Shops across the country have spent the winter designing and building the 2011 editions of muscle cars. Among these aftermarket companies is Roush, a company well known in all the racing circles for their work with Ford engines and, in particular, the Mustang.

To get our jowls salivating, Roush has released this tiny teaser picture of the next in their line of powerful Mustangs, called simply the RS3. So what does Roush have planned?

It is safe to assume that “RS3” stands for Roush Stage 3, which in past iterations has meant it being the most powerful of Roush’s Mustang offerings. Right now though the top Roush Mustang is the 5XR, which packs 525 horsepower and 465 ft-lbs of torque. But we already know that with a supercharger, the new 5.0 engine is capable of making closer to 600 horsepower at the flywheel and 525 horsepower at the wheels, so we’re expecting big things if this is to be a “Stage 3” Roush.

Along with the teaser picture comes a definition of “redefine”, as it appears Roush intends to redefine what a muscle car is. Does that mean more of an emphasis on handling rather than straight line performance? Perhaps they are going to ditch the supercharger and go naturally aspirated, or even turbocharged? We can’t wait to find out.

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